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Searching the Physical Collections - Direct Borrowing
Now that we've expanded the catalog parameters to all USMAI campuses, let's conduct a sample search in catalogusmai using the subject 'home schooling' to see what materials are available.

STEP 5: Type the words 'home schooling' in the "enter word/s to search" field (#5 below).
STEP 6: From the drop-down box in the "search for words in..." field, choose the appropriate type of
           search, in this case you may choose 'subject' or you may leave this as 'all fields' (#6 below).
STEP 7: From the drop-down box in the "search as..." field, you may choose to search as 'words' or as
           a 'two word phrase' (#7 below).

On the results screen below, notice that we've found 90 items!

USMAI Request image

Next, let's learn how to place an electronic request through the catalog for one of these 90 items. 

STEP 8: Say we want item #4 from our results list, the book The Well-trained Mind: a guide to classical education at home, which is owed only by UMCP (University of Maryland College Park).  From the brief record view, simply click the 'UMCP-McKeldin-Library(1/0)' link on the location line (#8 below).

USMAI Request image

STEP 9: This will open an availability view, from which you must click the Request Button image button.

USMAI Request image

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