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Research and Request Copyright Permission

The Copyright Permission Request Generator is an interactive tool provided for your guidance and use. Enter the information in the text fields, about the copyrighted work you wish to use, the purposes and conditions of that use, and any other data requested. The form will generate a format that you can cut and paste to a blank document for printing on departmental letterhead.

Please Note: Most copyright permission requests are initiated by and granted to the individual. As a result you are responsible for the accuracy of any information provided in your request; for observing any conditions or limitations that maybe imposed when permission is granted; as well as any licensing or processing fees that may be involved in such requests.

If you need assistance with using the generator, or research copyrights, or preparing a complex request, contact Mou Chakraborty, Head of Public Services at Blackwell Library (

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  • Specific items, figures, etc. you wish to use.
  • Format you plan to use: (slide, digital, video, etc.)
  • Purpose it will serve in teaching the content
  • You or university owns a legal copy of the material
  • Period you request permission to use the material

This tool is based on the "Research and Request Copyright Permission" letter generator developed by John Perrelli and David McDonald at Towson University's Center for Instructional Advancement and Technology.