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Tutorials: Test Your Copyright IQ

Copyright Symbol imageThe best way to catch up on or reinforce copyright principles is with tutorials. They are useful for assignments and class discussion on the legal uses of copyright-protected works. While they can test and reinforce basic knowledge, they all interpret law. When it comes to copyright interpretation, unanimity is rare. Tutorials should be used, therefore, not as final arbiters (only the courts play that role), but as useful guides.

Only one thing is certain:

Copyright is considered by many in the legal arena to be one of
the more complicated areas of law."1

Faculty & Students

  • General:
    Developed by the University of Maryland University College, a comprehensive tutorial useful to faculty and students. It includes information, followed by scenarios tied to quizzes with correct answers.

  • The University of Maryland University College's Center for Intellectual Property has created a series of learning objects useful to faculty and students alike, including one on Copyright and the Teach Act.

  • Copyright Tutorials from Educause - Find a wide range of resources (videos, podcasts, online tutorials, etc.) from different universities (for ex. Cornell, Penn State, Univ. of MA, Amherst, Ball State, Indiana Univ., etc.).


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