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 What are a group of seagulls called? A COLONY.

The School Seal

 A Seal has been adopted for the Salisbury Normal School which is a symbol of the State, the Shore and the School. The loblolly pine is characteristic of the Eastern Shore; the boat represents the fishing industry, the plow and farm products the agricultural interests of the State, the strawberry bed in the lower left foreground represents a leading industry of the Eastern Shore; the sun at its zenith signifies the educational service which it is hoped the school will render; the Maryland shield signifies that the school is a State institution.

   The College seal was designed by an honor student, Miss Grace Hallam, in competition.

Grace Hallam Seal

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The Carnean and Baglean Literary Societies

The Carnean Literary Society was named for Miss Mabel Carney, noted worker in rural education.

Oh! Carnean to thee we sing,
Our love for thee shall never die.
We’ll sing thy name from earth to sky
Oh Carnean! Oh Carnean!
Our faith in thee will always be
One that is noble, pure and true.
We bless the hour when first we met, 
The hour that made us one in you. 
Oh! Carnean to thee we sing, 
Our love for thee shall never die.
We’ll sing thy name from earth to sky
Oh Carnean! Oh Carnean!

The Baglean Literary Society was organized in September 1925 and contained half of the student body of the Salisbury Normal School. It was named in honor of Dr. William C. Bagley, who is one of the greatest educators of the country.

Give a cheer for Baglean, 
Sing her praises high; 
Reaching upward to a star, 
That shall never die.
May the star be honor, love and knowledge,
May it guide our footsteps true, 
O’er hill and plain, 
Dear Baglean, dear Baglean, 
We’re loyal to you.

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World War II Service

   Approximately three hundred students and alumni entered active service. On May 29, 1948, a large bronze plaque was placed under the front portico. It bears the names of alumni and faculty members in the Armed Forces during World War II and serves as a memorial to the six alumni who made the supreme sacrifice . The names of O. Everett Bennett '43, Alton E. Dryden, Jr. '39, Leland L. Dunn '43, William D Newcomb '42, David L. Somervell '41, and Harrington I. Pritchett '39 are marked with a gold star. OnApril 9, 1948 six evergreens were planted in their memory.

   The following members of the faculty and staff also served; Mrs. Grace S. Chaires as a Lieutenant in the WAVES, Mr. Paul S. Hyde and Coach Benn Maggs as Lieutenants in the United States Navy, Dr. John B. May as an officer in the U.S. Army, Miss Margaret Black with the Army Special Services as hostess, and Mr. Henry Nelson in the Merchant Marine as engineer.

   The College adapted its curriculum to the War emergency with an accelerated program based on three regular sessions of 36 weeks and three summer sessions of 10 weeks each, from 1942 until 1946.

Unveiling the S. T. C. Service Honor Roll Plaque

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 On November 11, 1925, the Chesapeake Royal Arch Chapter #17 unveiled a Flag Staff & Pedestal with a bronze tablet, on the campus, in honor of the members of the chapter who had participated in World War One. click here for images


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Alma Mater

   The Alma Mater was written by Margaret H. Black of the Music Department in April and sung for the first time at the Commencement 1933. In the first version of the song, the first line in the second stanza was worded, "Salisbury Normal, school of gracious beauty. After the name of the school was changed in 1935, we now sing, Salisbury College, etc.

   The music was written for three-part women's voices because many students could not read music. When men were added to the chorus, several years later, Miss Black wrote tenor and bass parts, also independent themes.

Oh Alma Mater, standing wise and stately
We dedicate our song to thee
A song of praise, a song of deep devotion
A song of love, and endless loyalty.

Salisbury College, school of gracious beauty
Thy portals stand an open door,
To which we enter lives of deeper wisdom
Oh we shall love thy name forevermore.

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College Songs We Sing

Salisbury College (1926)
Salisbury College here's to thee - here's to thee
Hark how we sing Thy name
Loud may our song and praises be
And loud may we sing Thy fame, Rah! Rah! Rah!
Daughters and sons of the Eastern Shore - Eastern Shore
Honor Thy memories long
May we be always true and loyal
Salisbury to Thee our song.

College Yell (1925)
Salisbury College, you are the best
Better by far than all of the rest
Whether at work or whether at play
You always win the day.

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Notable Faculty, to 1960

- 1925: Anne H. Matthews (English) (1925-1956)
- 1925: Ida Belle Wilson Thomas (History) (1925-1960)
- 1927: Margaret H. Black (Music) (1927-1952)
- 1927: Pauline Riall (Elementary School) 
1933: Benn Maggs (Physical Education and Athletic Coach)
- 1934: Henrietta S. Purnell (Art) (1934-1966)
- 1935: Florence T. Simonds (Biology) 
- 1935: Lloyd Straughn (Chemistry and Physics)
1935: E. Bruce Thompson (Economic and Sociology)
- 1937: Grace Strickland (Library) (1937-1969)
- 1939: Dr. John B. May (Psychology and English Literature)
- 1949: Dr. Howard E. Bosley (Dean of Instruction) 
- 1955: William H. Wroten Jr. (History) (1955-1980)
- 1956: Dr. Earl T. Willis (Dean of Instruction)
- 1960: Orem Elwood Robinson Jr. (Dean of Students)

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College Mascot

  • 1950: In the Holly Leaf's April 28th 1950 issue, the “Name the Mascot Contest” was run by the SGA. The winning entry was Golden Gulls, submitted by Lloyd Fry. The name Sea Gull was the runner-up.
  • 1952: On Sept 11th 1952, a new club called The Gull Wings, derived from the Golden Gulls, opened on campus.
  • 1953: The first mention of Sea Gulls in the October 1st 1953 issue pertains to a pep rally cheer - “Sea Gulls Yea!!”
  • 1963: When SU was Salisbury State College, the Salisbury athletic teams were so often referenced as the SSC Gulls (C-Gulls), that the "Sea Gull" becomes the official mascot for Salisbury.
  • 1965: A Sea Gull in mascot/life form appears for the first time in the Salisbury yearbook.
  • 1966: A "macho" Sea Gull logo debuts, complete with clenched fists, a stern visage and a bulging chest. Also, during this time the women's teams adopt the nickname "She Gull."
  • 1970s: Although the specific origin isn't known, this is when the nickname Sammy the Sea Gull debuts.
  • 1986: Sammy the Sea Gull was updated.

In 1965, Jetta Reynolds '68 dressed up as the mascot (1965); first drawing of the mascot (1968)

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The "Merci" Train Gifts

On February 2, 1949, the French Freighter Magellan steamed into New York Harbor carrying forty-nine antique, narrow-gauge boxcars in her hold. These were the cars of the "Merci" or "Gratitude" Train, France's reply to the American Friendship Train toured the US and collected $40 million dollars worth of food and clothing for the hard-pressed people of France. Each boxcar was packed with five tons of gifts and each was addressed to a separate state. Mary Laura Francis was designated by the committee to make a selection for the College. Some had been already allotted to us and several others were selected from those that remained and these Miss Francis brought down with her.

The gifts selected are as follows: 

  • A large painting by Beauvais, painted in 1946. "Maison de Moliere in Meudon"
  • Two pottery ashtrays by deLaux, 18 Rue Royale, Paris. "Avenue des Champ Elyees" and "Sacre Cour" Artiste Peintre
  • One Framed Photograph: View of the Village Colmar, Old Quarter, 16th Century.
  • Five small Block Prints, unframed. French Scenes, presented by the Sixth Forum, Cour Complimentaire Bonpland de Rochells
  • Two drawings in ink, unframed and small, presented by the artists, Mr. and Mme. Jean Mutter, Rue de Pre Rouen, Seine Inferieure
  • Two paper bound books, autographed and presented by the author, Lucie Bartre. "Gerbe de Comedies" and "Fleurs de Rausillon"
  • One paper bound book, "dunais et les Compagnous de Jeanne d' Arc by Ch. Quinel and A. de Montgon, and edited by Ferrand Nathan
  • One paper bound book, a pamphlet, Melenges Litteraires te Histoireque by Faculte des Lettres, do Poitiers University
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First Honorary Degree Recipients (1974)

Lem & Steve Ward, J. Millard Tawes, Avery Hall, 
Ralph Dulany and Charles H. Chipman 

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Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of the College/Academic Dean/Dean of Instruction
Earl T. Willis (1956-1968)
James F. Glenn (acting dean 1968-1969)
John W. Baker (1969-1971)
Daniel Z. Gibson (1971-1972)

Thomas L. Erskine (1972-1976)
A. Nayland Page (1977-1980)

Joel M. Rodney (1982-86)
K. Nelson Butler (1988-1996)
Philip D. Creighton (1997-1998)
Donald C. Cathcart (1998-2001)
David H. Buchanan (2001-2006)
Thomas Jones (2006-2009)
Diane D. Allen (2009- )

Dean, School of Business

Gary L. Pielemeier (1980-1987)

Timothy S. Mescon (1987-1990
Elliot H. Kline (Visiting Dean 1990-1991)
Richard F. Bebee (1991-2001)

George Rubenson (interim 2001-2002)
William M. Moore (2002-2006) 
Richard C. Hoffman IV (interim 2006-2010)
Bob Wood (2010- )

Dean, School of Education & Professional Studies
K. Nelson Butler (1985-1987)
J. Connors (1988-1990)
Doran Christensen (1990-1997)
Beth E. Barnett (1997-2000)
Geraldine Rossi (interim 2000-2002)
Dennis A. Pataniczek (2002-2012)
Carol Wood (interim (2012-2013)
Cheryl Parks (2013-)

Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Thomas L. Erskine
Sharon Rubin (1987-1993)
Ronald L. Dotterer (1993-2001)
imothy G. O’Rourke (2002-2007)
Connie L. Richards (interim 2007-2008)
Maarten L. Pereboom (interim 2000-2002, 2008- )

Dean, School of Science & Technology
John R. Molenda (1985-1989)
Phillip D. Creighton (1990-1996)
Donald C. Cathcart (interim 1989-90; 1996-97)
Thomas W.  Jones (interim 1998-1999; 2000-2007)
M E. Folkoff (interim 2007-2008)
Karen L. Olmstead (2009- )

Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences
Elizabeth J. Barfield (1985-1992) 
Karen K. Badros (interim 1992-1993) 

Dean, Libraries & Instructional Resources
Michael J. McLane (1998-2000)
Alice H. Bahr (2002-2011) 
Martha C. Zimmerman (interim 2011-2012)
Beatriz B. Hardy (2012- )

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