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Twelfth Night, March 1977

Captain - Ron Phipps
Orsino - Jeffrey Rollins
Olivia - Cathe Adkins

Viola - Jane Ferguson
Maria - Deborah Brown
Sebastian - Timothy Dykes

Directed By:
Leland Starnes

About the Play:
Love and its fulfillment are primary in Shakespeare's comedies.  Its conflicts are often presented in terms of the battle of the generations... (However) "Twelfth Night" does not follow the customary pattern.  In this play the responsible older generation had been abolished, and there are no parents at all.  The external barriers to fulfillment have been eliminated in what becomes almost a parody of the state desired by ordinary young lovers, the Hermias and Lysanders - or even the Rosalinds and Orlandos.  According to the strictly romantic formula, the happy ending should be already achieved at the beginning of the play:  we should abandon the theater for the rites of love.  But the slightly stunned inhabitants of Illyria discover that they are anything but free.  Their own actions provide the barriers, for most of the know neither themselves, nor others, nor their social world...

--Joseph H. Summers




Production Scenes