"Why We Are Becoming Open Access," By Elsie Walker

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Literature/Film Quarterly is currently on publishing hiatus while we convert to a fully online, open access journal.  We are, however, still operating editorially and continuing to review manuscripts; accepted essays will be appearing in our new format once we are fully online.  For further information on manuscript submission, please see “Writers Guidelines,” linked above.  Thank you, and look for our new format in spring 2017.

Final Issue In Print!!!!

Issue includes 

Elsie Walker's Editorial, "The Ever-Widening Conversations of LFQ, and Our Move to Open Access," Benjamin Hilb on Chimes at Midnight, Antony Johae on Romeo+Juliet, Tessa MacLean on The Great Gatsby, Kate McQuiston on The Long Goodbye, J. Asia Rowe on Othello and O, and Laurence
OuterSpeares: Shakespeare, Intermedia, and the Limits of Adaptation

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