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Electronic Recycling Procedures

Salisbury University recently revised the procedures for recycling electronic equipment.  The new procedures are effective immediately.  Department responsibilities are outlined below.

Electronic Recycling Procedures (PDF)

Campus Departments
  • Support Services and Information Technology are the only campus departments authorized to dispose of or recycle equipment.  Please see the Equipment Disposal Procedures for information on having equipment moved/removed from your department.
Support Services
  • Support Services will begin removing all non-technology related equipment from University departments via a written work order.
  • Support Services will determine if an item can be used on campus, declared surplus, or sent for recycling.  No items will be moved without a work order.
  • If an item is sent to Electronic Recycling, Support Services will provide an EPD for the items.  The receiver in Recycling will sign the EPD, and a copy, in addition to the inventory tags, will be sent to Inventory Control.
  • Support Services will continue to provide Inventory Control with copies of completed work orders.  When the items are removed from the departments, they will be moved to Support Services’ inventory via the work order.  When the items are sent to recycling storage, they will be moved to the Electronic Recycling Inventory, 1-52299, via the EPD.
Information Technology
  • Information Technology will remove all technology related equipment from University departments via a written work order or IT service request.
  • Information Technology will determine if an item can be used on campus, declared surplus, or sent for recycling.
  • IT will scan and pull inventory tags from all items sent for recycling.  IT will record the serial number of any item missing an SU inventory tag.
  • IT will either deliver, or Horticulture will pick up the equipment.
  • Inventory Control will upload the recycling scan and provide a copy to both IT and Horticulture.  A copy of this listing will be put with the pallet/pallets for reference, and all equipment will be palletized by the date the equipment was sent to Horticulture.
  • IT will return all tags to Inventory Control.
  • The scanned equipment will be moved to the Electronic Recycling inventory, and finally deleted when the items are shipped to the recycler.
  • The department will continue to monitor the recycling drop box placed at the Maintenance Building.  Any items retrieved from the box tagged as SU property will be moved to the recycling storage facility.  The department will contact Inventory Control with relevant information so that the owning department can be notified of the correct recycling procedures.  Horticulture will send the tag to Inventory Control.
  • Any non-SU items removed from the drop box will be placed on a pallet solely for non-SU items.  Horticulture will record the serial or other identifying number of any items suspected of belonging to SU.
  • Horticulture/Recycling will no longer pick up electronic recycling from individual University departments, with the exception of Information Technology, to be discussed below.  All requests for the removal of equipment will be forwarded to Support Services.
  • Horticulture will continue to palletize and store recycling until it is removed from University property.  Equipment sent for recycling will be moved to the Electronic Recycling inventory until it is shipped for recycling, at which time it will be deleted from University inventory records.
  • Inventory Control will be notified of any SU equipment inventory discovered in dumpsters.  Inventory Control will attempt to identify and contact the department of origin, with the expectation that the department will retrieve the items and follow proper disposal procedures.  In the event that time or circumstances prevent this, Horticulture will move the items to electronic recycling storage, and Inventory Control will work with the owning department to properly document the disposal.  The equipment will remain on the owning department’s inventory until proper paperwork is received and it can be moved to the Electronic Recycling inventory.
  • When a shipment is sent to the recycler, Horticulture will provide Inventory Control a copy of the signed receipt of shipment from the carrier.

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