Holloway Hall

3 Year Inventory Review

The Purpose
Inventory Control performs periodic inventory reviews on all University departments.  We follow a 3 year review schedule, thereby visiting all University departments by the end of the 3 year cycle.

The Process
If a department is scheduled for a 3 year review, it is started after the receipt of the annual inventory.  Representatives from the Inventory Control visit the department and conduct a complete physical inventory review.  

The review is conducted much the same as an annual inventory.  Any new changes are noted, and research and follow up are done to resolve any outstanding issues. The exception with the 3 year review is that Inventory Control must see each item listed on the inventory, or it must be scanned using the handheld scanner.  Any loaned items, regardless of whether or not a loan form is on file, must also be verified either by Inventory Control, or by being scanned.