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The India: Bollywood and Beyond program runs for four weeks from late December - late January, and is based in Mumbai (Bombay), India.  Tentative dates for 2011-12 are December 26, 2011-January 25, 2012.  The program is designed to provide students with a rigorous academic experience in one of the most dynamic cultures in the modern world.  A mixture of old and new, rural and urban, spectacularly wealthy and brutally poor, eastern and western, India is a unique destination in the world for an undergraduate student to be able to study. The Program is open to all majors and satisfies a core requirement for CMAT majors.

CLASS: CMAT 399 International Studies in Communication.  Bollywood and Beyond.  This course will explore India through the lens of its film and media and interpret its culture and communication. By analysis of its films, we will study how it relates to India, how it communicates with the masses and how it weaves itself into the cultural aspects of India. We will also explore the rich history of India through on site visits to places of cultural and historical significance.

HOST INSTITUTION: We will be based in Mumbai. Mumbai (formerly Bombay), is the financial capital of India.  Mumbai is also the commercial and entertainment center of India: The city houses India's vast Hindi film and television industry, known as Bollywood. (Mumbai was the setting for the Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire.)  We will be studying at the Xavier Institute of Communications. XIC, established in 1969, is a professional media centre and by virtue of its course offerings and enrollments, ranks among the biggest non-government media centers in Asia.

EXCURSIONS: The travel component within India will include explorations of India's history, culture, art, and nature, from abandoned seats of empire to one of India's most vibrant modern cities, from nature parks to ancient caves. We will visit major historical, cultural and natural sites in India; this might include ancient Buddhist and Hindu caves, beach environments and the medieval capital of the Hindu empire. We will also take several one day trips in and around Mumbai.

HOUSING: During their stay in Mumbai, students and their faculty director will live in the YMCA International Center in Central Mumbai. Hotel accommodation will be provided during excursions.

Total Estimated Costs Worksheet  
Program Cost $3900
International Airfare (included)
Housing (included)
Tuition for 4 credits (included)
Partial Board (included)
Sub-Total (Billable by SU) $3900
Partial Board (varies by individual) $200
Passport Fees $75
Visa Fees $150
Vaccinations $250
Books, School Supplies $50
Personal Entertainment (varies by individual) $500
Total $5125

COST: Estimated costs for the Program are $3900. Costs will be finalized in the fall 2011.  The price will include round-trip airfare, room and partial board in India, in-country travel and lodging during the excursions, and extensive travel assistance provided by the SU faculty director, and XIC.


Admission is competitive and enrollment is limited.  Students will be admitted on a rolling basis until the program is full.  

The application deadline is October 1, 2011.

Students should also submit the following directly to the program director:

- a completed faculty recommendation form from a faculty member who knows the student well (Recommendation form available here).