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Center for International Education


Holloway Hall

Salisbury Abroad: Málaga, Spain


All questions concerning the program should be addressed to:

Dr. Keith Brower

Department of Modern Languages

Phone: 410-543-6442  Email: khbrower@salisbury.edu





Salisbury University and the Universidad de Málaga (UMA) regularly engage in the exchange of students and faculty.  While Spanish students from UMA study a variety of disciplines at SU, SU students study Intensive Spanish and/or Spanish Culture and Civilization at the UMA Cursos Center, or a any one of a variety of disciplines in one of 11 schools throughout the UMA system.  The program is a bi-lateral international student exchange.  So, outgoing SU students continue to pay their tuition and fees at SU as always, and are charged no tuition at UMA.

COURSE MODULES: There are three different academic semester programs available on the Exchange: University of Málaga, Spain program.  All three programs are available fall or spring semester:

1)       Intensive Spanish - Minimum prerequisite of Spanish 101 or 1-2 years Spanish in High School.  Students who have completed additional semesters is Spanish at SU up to Spanish 202 will earn credits based on how many credits they have already earned at SU.  In all cases students receive 16 credits for intensive Spanish language instruction 4 hours / day and 5 days / week at the UMA Cursos center.  Students will earn

Spanish 102 – Introductory Spanish II

                        Spanish 201 – Intermediate Spanish

                        Spanish 202 – Spanish in Review

                        Spanish 310 – Oral and Written Composition

                        Spanish 312Conversation

                        Spanish 300 – Topics in Spanish*


                        * students who have already completed Spanish 202 at SU may take 8

credits of Spanish 300.



2)       Spanish Culture and Civilization – Prerequisite of Spanish 310 at SU or completion of Intensive Spanish semester at UMA.  Students with an intermediate level of Spanish can either complete the SU Minor in Spanish or half of the SU Major in one semester at the UMA Cursos center.  During one semester students will earn the following SU course credits:

Spanish 312: Conversation

Spanish 400: Advanced Stylistics and Oral Expression

Spanish 315: Spanish Culture and Civilization

Spanish 335: Survey of Spanish Literature

Spanish 300: Topics in Spanish*


* students who have already completed the other courses in the Spanish

Culture and Civilization track either at SU or in the UMA Intensive Spanish

track make take take up to 8 credits of Spanish 300.


3)       Study with Spaniards – Prerequisite of completion of either Intensive Spanish or Spanish Culture and Civilization semesters at UMA, or special permission from the SU Center for International Education.  Students take a maximum of four courses at the main University of Málaga,Teatinos Campus.  All courses are taught by Spanish faculty in Spanish to regularly enrolled Spanish university students.  A high level of Spanish language competency is required.  A wide variety of courses are available in such fields as Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Psychology, History, Philosophy, Communication,  Art, Mathematics, Computer Science, Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Issues, Physical Education, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Music Education, Foreign Language Education.  Courses will be evaluated and approved for credit at Salisbury University on a course by course basis.

STUDY FOR A FULL YEAR:  SU students can easily combine the three semester course modules to study for a full year at UMA.  Potential semester combinations include:

                Fall (early Oct-mid Jan)             Spring (early Feb- mid May)

1)             Intensive Spanish                         Spanish Culture and Civilization

2)             Intensive Spanish                         Study with Spaniards

3)             Spanish Culture and Civilization    Study with Spaniards


HOST INSTITUTION:  UMA is one of the key drivers for development in the autonomous region of Andalucía. The University runs a wide selection of courses in Spanish for foreigners through its center, Cursos para Estudiantes Extranjeros (Cursos).  The Cursos center is an intimate learning community located just outside the city center in the suburb of El Palo and blocks from the Mediterranean beaches. At the main Teatinos campus and other sites around Downtown Málaga, UMA provides a wide variety of academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to over 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students in 11 different schools.  All of the UMA sites are easily connected by clean, safe, and affordable natural-gas powered public transportation.   Málaga is a beautiful and historic beach-lined city of 600,000.  It was founded by the Phoenicians in approximately 1000 BC.  Through centuries of empire and conquest, Málaga has continued to play a role as a critical Mediterranean port city.  In addition to its Phoenician roots, Málaga bears the influence of the Roman Empire and the Muslim heritage of the medieval Umayyad caliphate of Al-Andalus.  Nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, Málaga serves as a gateway to the beautiful resort beaches of the country’s famous Costa del Sol. 

HOUSING: Students may choose to live and take meals in selected Spanish homes, most of which are situated within a 10-minute walk of the Mediterranean.   SU students have been hosted by families selected by UMA since 2000 on the Summer Intensive Program in Spain.  The estimated cost worksheet below assumes housing and full board with a Spanish family.  Students also will have the choice to live in apartments with no board.

Total Estimated Costs Worksheet  
MD Resident Full-time tuition and fees $3666
Sub-total (Billable by SU) $3666
Estimated Airfare $800
Estimated housing and full board with a Spanish family $3750
Estimated shared apartment housing (no board) $1575
Passport Fees $75
Visa Fees $150
Vaccinations (none required) --
Books, School Supplies $200
Miscellaneous (bus passes, taxis, entrance fees) $500
Total (Shared Apartment) $6900
Total (Family Homestay) $9,075


PROGRAM TRAVEL:  The University of Málaga schedules optional excursions to important destinations throughout southern Spain.  Regularly scheduled program travel include Granada’s Alhambra, Córdoba’s Mezquita, Sevilla’s Catedral and Reales Alcázares, and Ronda's Plaza de toros.  Students sign up for the optional excursions in Spain.   Costs for the optional excursions are determined each semester.  The estimated costs worksheet estimates $70 per excursion.

COSTS: Students on the Exchange: University of Málaga program pay regular full-time tuition and fees to Salisbury University and study tuition free at the University of Málaga.  The combination of tuition, room and board in Spain is roughly equivalent to tuition and on-campus housing with full board on main campus in Salisbury, MD.



Admission is competitive and enrollment is limited.  Students will be admitted on a rolling basis until the program is full.  Once the program is full, accepted students will be placed on a waiting list. 

The application deadline is February 15.  Students interested in studying either the fall semester, spring semester or full year for the following academic year are encouraged to apply by the February 15 deadline. 

In addition to the application form interested students should submit the following directly to the program director:

- An unofficial transcript demonstrating overall Grade Point Average of 2.5

- A 300 word typed essay answering the question: "How will my participation in the Salisbury Abroad: Spain program contribute significantly to my academic career and influence future plans? ",

- A completed faculty recommendation form from a faculty member who knows the student well.  Recommendation form available here.