English Language Institute
Holloway Hall

Schedule of Classes

Classes are offered during seven (7) week and fourteen (14) week sessions. Below is a sample schedule to assist in your educational planning:

Estimated ELI Sessions

Fall Session (14 instructional weeks):                        Last week of August - Mid December

Spring Session (14 instructional weeks):                   Last week of January - Mid May
Summer Session (7 instructional weeks):                  First week of June - late July


Schedule for summer Programs  

Regular ELI program:  

June 1st-July 18th, 2015  

ISAP Program:  

July 7th-August 4th, 2015  


Schedule for Fall Programs  (August 31st-December 11th, 2015)

Arrival times  

August 22nd, 2015  

Placement test  

August 25th, 2015  


August 26th-27th, 2015