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International Children's Literature Seminar

Each summer, the Seidel School of Education and Professional Studies conducts a seminar in children’s literature, which incorporates the study of classic and contemporary literature as well as an international children’s literature conference. The program is designed to introduce students to children’s literature from around the world.


CLASSES:  Students can choose one of two classes for the program. Both classes are three credits.

ELED 408: Children’s Literature - Study of classic and contemporary literature for children. Emphasis on selecting and incorporating a wide variety of literature into the elementary and middle school curriculum. Technological and media resources are included. 

REED 520: Literature for Children and Adolescents - Studies the works, topics and issues in literature written specifically for children and adolescents, with an emphasis on best practices in selecting and using authentic literature in a balanced instructional program. Especially pertinent to reading specialists in its K-12 perspective. For the purposes of this course, literature is defined broadly to encompass print, non-print and media sources of reading materials.

MEETINGS WITH AUTHORS/ILLUSTRATORS:  Participants meet with authors/illustrators of children’s books and visit numerous museums dedicated to children’s literature and authors/illustrators. Many of the author/illustrator meetings are over lunch or dinner where participants have an opportunity to get to know the author/illustrator.

HOUSING: During the seminar, participants stay at tourist-class hotels or youth hostels at each location.

COST:  TBA.  The price includes international airfare, land travel in the destination countries, accommodations in hotels and hostels, breakfasts, all tuition and fees, registration at the International Children’s Literature conference, insurance, and extensive travel support by the faculty directors.

DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT INFORMATION:  An initial deposit of $250 is due at the time of application.  This deposit is part of the total advertised cost of the program.  Once a student is academically admitted by the faculty director, the initial non-refundable deposit is due to the Cashier’s Office.  The student will be automatically enrolled into the study abroad course.  The University Billing Office will then bill each registered student for the total cost of the study abroad program (less the deposit amount) through the regular university billing system.  Standard University deadlines for withdrawals do not apply to study abroad programs.  Once the published Application Deadline occurs, the accepted student is responsible for the entire amount of the study abroad program charge. 


For more information about the International Children's Literature Seminar, please visit International Children's Literature   All questions concerning the program should be addressed to the program director:

Dr. Patricia Dean

Seidel School of Education and Professional Studies

Phone: 410-548-5756


A printable flyer is available here.