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Video/Audio Editing & Conversion

Our workstations in the Faculty Development Studio are configured to capture and digitize Mini-DV, VHS, DVD & Flash video formats through firewire connections.  One workstation is equipped to capture and digitize videos.

AVS Media Video Tools is the primary software package used for conversion.  However, Microsoft Movie Maker is also available.

Completed projects can be output to CD-ROM, PowerPoint presentations or the Web.

Resources for Using the AVS Video Tools Suite

Video Converter
Video Editor

Video ReMaker
DVD Copy
DVD Authoring
Audio Editor
Audio Converter

Getting Started with the Video Editor

Deleting Part of a Video
Removing and Adding Sound to a Video
Splitting Video into Scenes for a DVD

We cannot edit copyrighted material without expressed written permission.

Instructional Design & Delivery also works with Television Services for other video producing, editing and duplication services.