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Camtasia Tutorials and Handouts

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Camtasia Studio software is smart, quick to learn, and feature rich! Easily record the activity on your PC screen…plus audio and webcam. Record live during class or in advance. Edit for polish, or keep it simple. Add self-quizzes and callouts. Share crystal-clear videos in all the formats students want: iPad/iPhone, Android, web, blog, and more.

What features will I use in teaching?
  • Capture PPT presentations with a click
  • Record & highlight interaction with websites or applications
  • Emphasize and elaborate with callouts
  • Measure retention with Flash quizzes
  • Make content accessible with closed captioning

Camtasia Studio 8 is installed on all Faculty Development Studio computers and laptops. If you are interested in using Camtasia, stop by Instructional Design & Delivery.

Camtasia Help Guide

Video Tutorials
01: Prepare, Script, Audio
02: Record Your Screen
03: Save .Camrec and Project Management
04: Editing Dimensions and Saving
05: Explore the Editor
06: Apply Smart Focus to Zoom and Pan
07: Cut Unwanted Media on the Timeline
08: Add a Callout to Direct Viewers' Attention
09: Visual Properties
10: Produce and Share Your Video
Applying Animations Across a Series of Clips
Custom Production Settings
Caption Series: Speech to Text
Caption Series: Sync with Script
Caption Series: Add Captions Manually
Caption Series: Import and Export
Caption Series: Make Videos Searchable
Introduction to Quizzing - Engage Your Viewers
Receiving and Reviewing Quiz Results
Quizzing - A Sample

Hotkeys and Shortcuts

Better Sound Quality