Instructional Design & Delivery



Welcome page in Mozilla

Welcome page in FrontPage

Download the SU faculty web page template and customize it for your needs.



  1. Read SU's Web Office Policies and Information.

  2. Create a folder called "htdocs" on your P: drive.

  3. Download the Faculty web site template.

  4. Unzip the files into the "htdocs" folder.

  5. Edit welcome.htm as well as the other .htm files as desired using an editor like FrontPage.

  6. There are guides to HTML editing available on the internet.

  7. You should preview your design using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape.

  8. Any additional pages you create should be in your "htdocs" folder or another folder under "htdocs".

You can view your web page by going to


Links to HTML Resources: