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MyClasses Handouts for Students
The following handouts are made available to assist you in completing the most frequently required tasks performed by students. This list will continue to grow as we add more enhancements to MyClasses. Check back often for updates!

COURSES► Browser Configuration and Password Help
  Navigating the My Institution Page
  Navigating a Course
  Understanding the Dashboard
  Editing Notifications
CONTENT► Using YouTube Mashup in Google Chrome
BLOGS► Participating In Blogs
DISCUSSIONS ► Participating in Discussion Forums & Threads
How to Attach a YouTube Video to a Discussion Board Thread
  Enabling the Text Editor
  How to Use Library Article Links in a Discussion Board Thread
  Rate Discussion Posts
ASSIGNMENTS ► Submitting an Assignment
  Submitting a Turnitin Assignment in MyClasses
  Participating in Self & Peer Assessments
  Submitting a Video File in an Assignment
ASSESSMENTS ► Taking a Test or Quiz
  Using LockDown Browser
  Retaking an Assessment
  Reviewing a Test Submission
EMAIL ► Using Email inside MyClasses
  Changing the Default Email Address in MyClasses
  Changing Email Notification Settings in MyClasses
GRADES ► Viewing Your Grades
  Viewing Rubrics
Wikis ► Participating in Wikis