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MyClasses FAQs for Students
The following FAQs are made available to assist you in answering some of your technical questions regarding MyClasses. This list will continue to grow as we add more enhancements to MyClasses. Check back often for updates!

Q. I can’t login to MyClasses and am getting a ‘Valid authentication credentials were not provided’ error.

A. You will need to change your password.  In order to do so, please go to  If you have any problems changing your password, contact the Helpdesk at 410-677-5454.


Q. I can’t login to MyClasses and am getting a ‘An error occurred while the system was processing this login request.’ error.

A. You do not have an account in MyClasses.  Only students, faculty and staff who are using MyClasses for a specific purpose has an account in MyClasses.  If you believe that you need an account, contact the Helpdesk and let them know which class or course area you are to have access to in MyClasses.  The Helpdesk can be reached at 410-677-5454.


Q. I can't see any of the buttons on the left hand side of my course anymore.

A. You have accidentally hidden the course menu.  To show the menu again, click the arrow on the left side of the webpage.


Q. I am having problems using Respondus Lock Down Browser.

A. Please refer to the student handout and video tutorial on Respondus LockDown Browser here.


Q. What happens if I close out of a test or quiz before I am finished?

A. If your instructor has enabled the ‘Force Completion’ option in the test or quiz, you will not be able to resume the assessment. You will need to contact your instructor regarding their policies on this. If your instructor has not enabled the ‘Force Completion’ option in the test or quiz and you still had time remaining, you can exit the browser and login again. Find the quiz or test and click the the name of the assessment to resume.


Q. How do I attach a file to an activity?

A. Attaching files to assignments, discussions or other activities inside MyClasses only requires you to have access to the file on your computer (network drive, jump drive, or CD). Click on the BROWSE MY COMPUTER button next to ATTACH FILE inside the activity.


Q. Why doesn’t my screen update when I click to go to a new location after I open a tool or activity?

A. The new location is most likely opening up in a new window or tab.  Look for a second window or tab titled "Blackboard Learn" to go back to the main course area.


Q. Why can’t I see the document or activity provided by my professor?

A. If the document or activity your professor has added to MyClasses is inaccessible, please contact your instructor about release dates or times.


Q. Why can’t I see my grade or submitted answers after I finish a test/quiz?

A. Your professor determines the feedback for your test/quizSome faculty prefer students to see only the score and then after all students have completed the assessment or until they have had time to grade all questions, additional feedback may be provided.


Q. How do I check due dates for activities?

A. One way you can check due dates is by going into the MyGrades tool.  You can access this from the My Institution page or from within your course, if your instructor provided a link.  If you do not see a due date next a particular graded activity, contact your professor.


Q. Why aren't PDFs opening?

A. PDF files might not open in a browser window depending on your computer settings.  As of Fall 2011, students using Mac OS and Adobe with either Firefox or Safari might receive a message stating there is a missing plug-in.  The browsers are looking for a non-existent PDF plugin and when you click on "Missing plug-in", nothing occurs.

This is a known problem between Apple and Adobe and is not directly related to Blackboard.  Details about this problem can be found at

Workaround solutions:

  1. As of 10/21/2011 a link will be provided to the PDF file for you to save or open the PDF file directly.

  2. Install the Schubert IT PDF plugin (from, which is free for educational use.  Once installed, restart the web browser, and it should be activated.

  3. Install Google Chrome and use as your browser.

Q. I’m trying to open a video or narrated lecture that my instructor put in MyClasses but I get the following error message:

                         "The contents of the page could not be displayed."                  

A. This can be caused by the following reasons:                       

     Microsoft Internet Explorer blocks the flash content on your page. Click the warning in the upper part of the browser and select the Allow Blocked Content... option to continue opening the page.               


     You need to install or upgrade your Flash Player. Please visit the Adobe site to download and install the latest version of the Flash Player necessary to be able to display the contents of this page       


If you are still having problems, contact your instructor and provide them with this message.  The instructor has to provide permission for you to view this content.


Q. How do I navigate back in a course, since I shouldn’t use the browser’s back button?

A. There are links at the top of your webpage known as “breadcrumbs.”  These links will take you back to a previous page.  You can also use the Course Menu on the left.


Q. I just added a course.  How long before I can see it in my course list?

A. One week before the semester starts, students are added to courses in MyClasses.  Then, student enrollments in GullNet are updated in MyClasses every four hours.  If you do not see your courses listed after four hours of adding the course in GullNet, contact the IT Helpdesk to get added into the course.  Be prepared to provide your first and last name, username and the course in which you are to be added.


Q. My professor is using Groups in MyClasses. How do I find out which group I am in?

A. There are two ways a student can find out what group they are in with MyClasses.  If the instructor has provided access to the Group tool from a Course Tools or Content Area page, click on Groups and it will take you to your group area.  In addition, underneath the Course Menu, students enrolled in a group in MyClasses will see the My Groups option.  Click this option to see the groups in which you are associated.


Q. I took a self-assessment and got my grade, but not the correct answers.  How did I see this?

A. If it is a non-graded self-assessment, go back into the assessment and click Begin.  It will say that you have already completed the assessment.  Click OK to review results of last attempt.  You can also view this through the MyGrades area from the My Institution page.

Q. My instructor put a YouTube video in the course but all I see is the player controls. I'm using Google Chrome; how can I see these videos?

A. Google Chrome is interpreting the YouTube videos as insecure content.  On the address bar, click the sheild icon and select "Load Anyway."  For detailed instructions, visit our handout.