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Canvas FAQs For Students

This FAQ page only contains answers to questions asked by students at Salisbury University. For more general questions and “how-tos”, please consult the Canvas Student Guide or the Canvas mobile app.

Basic Canvas Questions

  1. What is MyClasses Canvas?

MyClasses Canvas

MyClasses Canvas is the Learning Management System utilized by faculty at Salisbury University.  Using MyClasses students gain access to course learning resources provided by the course instructor, complete course activities such as quizzes/tests, submit assignments, as well as communicate with their instructor and their classmates through a secure environment. To login to MyClasses go to:

To learn more about MyClasses go to

  2. Do all courses use MyClasses Canvas?

All credit courses are automatically created in MyClasses and populated with enrolled students. Online and Hybrid courses are required to use MyClasses Canvas for the delivery of course content and activities. However; for traditional courses it is up to the instructor whether or not to make the courses available, ("publish"), to the enrolled students.

  3. I just added a course, how long will it be before I see it in my course list?

MyClasses students enrollments are updated every four hours based on the course roster in GullNet.

  4. I just withdrew or dropped a course. How long will it be before it disappears from my course list?

MyClasses students enrollments are updated every four hours based on the course roster in GullNet.

  5. How do I modify my Profile and setup Notifications?

User Profile allows you to update your name, preferred contact methods, and add a picture. Download step-by-step instructions on how to edit your user profile.

Notification preferences allows you to select how and when to be notified about events and activities in each course in MyClasses. Download step-by-step instructions on how to setup your notification preferences.

  6. What happens if I close out of a test or quiz before I am finished?

  • If you start a quiz that has a due date, but do not finish the quiz by the due date (as indicated in your local time zone), Canvas will automatically submit the quiz on the due date.
  • Quiz details do not show the due date in relation to the current time. For example, if a quiz has a due date of 11:59 pm and you begin the quiz at 11:30 pm, you will only have 30 minutes to complete the quiz before it is marked late. The same time restriction applies if you are taking a timed quiz. For example, if the Time Limit was set to 60 minutes but you begin the quiz at 11:30 pm, you still only have 30 minutes to complete the quiz before it is marked late. Canvas will notify you regarding any time restrictions when you begin the quiz.

For more information on how to take a quiz in MyClasses Canvas go to:

  7. How do I customize the courses on my Dashboard?  How do I locate all of MyCourses?

The Dashboard displays courses in which you are enrolled.  You also have access to all of your courses, by clicking on Courses from the global menu and then selecting All Courses.  When in the All Courses area, you can favorite courses to only have those courses appear on your Dashboard.  This is useful for students who will be using only certain courses in MyClasses Canvas (such as using on the lecture section of a course and not using a lab section).  Refer to the Customizing the Course List guide for step by step instructions.

  8. Where do I find grades and feedback from my instructor?

As a student you can can view information about your submitted and graded assignments. This information will include your submission in the form of file attachment or text entry, annotated comments from your instructor, and/or grading rubric. For step-by-step instructions on how to view assignment feedback go to:

By clicking on the Grades tab on the left hand side of a course, you may view your grades. For step-by-step instructions on how to view your grades go to: 

  9. My instructor is using a rubric for my assignment.  How do I see the rubric before the assignment and where will I see the feedback provided in the rubric after it is graded?

The Viewing Rubrics handout will describe how to view rubrics for an assignment or discussion.  After faculty member has graded an activity using a rubric, the best place to see how the rubric is scored and any comments given in the rubric is from the assignment view, and not necessarily the grades area.  See the handout for details.

10. Is there an App for Canvas?

Yes, there is a mobile app available for download from the Google Play and the iTunes App stores. For more information visit the MyClasses Canvas Mobile App web page. 

11. How can I display course dates in my local time zone?

By default, dates and times throughout a Canvas course are displayed according to the courses’ respective time zone (typically Eastern Standard Time).  If you live in a different time zone, you can adjust the course dates and times based on your time zone under User settings.

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