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MyClasses Handouts for Faculty
The following handouts are made available to assist you in completing the most frequently required tasks performed by instructors. This list will continue to grow as we add more enhancements to MyClasses. Check back often for updates!

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File Management
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Getting Started ► Getting Started with the Course Menu
Using Course Copy (copying course content from one course to another)
  Understanding and Customizing Your Course List
  Changing the Default Email Address in MyClasses
  Creating a Banner for Your MyClasses Course
Assessments ► Adding Assessments to Content Areas
  Clearing Assessment Attempts
  Creating Assessments (Tests)
  Creating Multiple Choice Questions
  Creating True False Questions
  Creating Multiple Answer Questions
  Creating Essay Questions
  Creating Fill in Multiple Blanks Questions
  Creating Fill in the Blank Questions
  Creating Matching Questions
Creating Hot Spot Questions
  Creating Opinion/Scale Likert Questions
  Creating Ordering Questions
  Creating Quiz Bowl Questions
  Creating Random Blocks
  Creating Jumbled Sentence Questions
  Creating Pools
  Creating Calculated Numeric Questions
  Creating Question Sets
  Creating Surveys
  Finding Quiz Results
  Grading Assessments
  Grading by Question
  Overriding Assessment Grades
  Setting Assessment Options *Includes students w/ accommodations
Viewing Survey Results
Assignments ► Clear Assignment Attempt - Allow Another Attempt
  Creating Assignments
  Grading Assignments
  Reviewing Assignments Offline
Content ► Differences Between Content Folder and Learning Module
Adding Content
  Adding iSpring Content
  Creating a Glossary
  Uploading a Glossary
  Creating Learning Modules
  Creating an HTML Object
  Deleting Content
  Editing or Deleting a Glossary Term
  Reordering Content
  Using Adaptive Release
  Uploading Multiple Files
  Video Everywhere
Blogs, Journals & Wikis ► Creating Blogs
  Creating Wikis
  Creating Journals
  Grading Blogs
  Grading Wikis
  Grading Journals
Rubrics Associating Rubrics with Activities
  Associating Rubrics with Assessments
  Associating Rubrics with Assignments
  Associating Rubrics with Blogs, Journals, and Wikis
  Associating Rubrics with Discussions
  Creating Rubrics
Discussions ► Allowing Email Subscriptions of a Forum
  Assigning Roles in Discussions *Includes restricting access to forum participation
  Copying Forums *Copying of Group Discussion Forums currently unavailable.
Creating and Editing a Forum
Creating a Thread
Grading Forums and Threads
Moderating Posts
File Management ► Setting Up WebDav to Move Course Content
  Setting Up WebDav to Move Course Content (MAC OS)
Course Management Making Course Available
Grade Center ► Creating Calculated Columns
Creating Grade Columns
Creating Smart View
Customizing the Letter Grade Schema
  Downloading Grade Center
Exempting a Grade
Hiding & Showing Rows & Columns
Overriding Grades
Viewing and Grading Anonymously
Viewing Grade History
Users and Groups ► Enroll Users
  Creating and Managing Groups