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If you are in a course in which your instructor is using Panopto to provide tutorials, lectures, or class captures - use the following handouts to access this content using Panopto through MyClasses.

If your questions aren't answered below, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 410-677-5454 and report your problem.

  • The viewer requires Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash Player.  You must download and install both in order to view a recording in Panopto.

    Note for those of you using Firefox on a Mac:
      It is recommended that you update to the latest version of Silverlight after updating to Firefox 4 or later.  This will eliminate the need to restart your browser in 32-bit mode each time you launch Firefox to view Panopto presentations.
  • If Panopto prompts you to log in, choose MyClasses from the drop down menu and enter your username and password.

Viewing Requirements
Student Access to Recordings

Downloading the App & Viewing Recordings

Recording Presentations
Student Recordings with Panopto
Video Recorder (Windows)

Using Panopto on a Mac
Basic Editing

Panopto Recorder Installation Files: Windows | Mac

Video Tutorials
Overview of the Panopto Viewer
Taking Notes While Viewing