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If you are in a course in which your instructor is using Panopto to provide tutorials, lectures, or class captures - use the following handouts to access this content using Panopto through MyClasses.

If your questions aren't answered below, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 410-677-5454 and report your problem.

  • If Panopto prompts you to log in, choose MyClasses from the drop down menu and enter your username and password.
  • The Panopto viewer will provide access to the information in the presentation.  This may include audio, video as well as content or files.  Check out this overview of the Panopto viewer.
  • The viewer requires Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash Player.  You must download and install both in order to view a recording in Panopto.

    Note for those of you using Firefox on a Mac:  It is recommended that you update to the latest version of Silverlight after updating to Firefox 4 or later.  This will eliminate the need to restart your browser in 32-bit mode each time you launch Firefox to view Panopto presentations.
  • You can enter time based text notes (aka bookmarks) as you watch the recording and then search those notes. Watch the video tutorial for more information on taking notes.

Viewing Requirements
Student Access to Recordings

Downloading the App & Viewing Recordings

Recording Presentations
Student Recordings with Panopto
Video Recorder (Windows)

Using Panopto on a Mac
Basic Editing

Video Tutorials
Overview of the Panopto Viewer
Taking Notes While Viewing