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Faculty Video Tutorials  

Basic Recorder Overview (8 minutes 39 seconds) - How to complete a recording from a single Windows PC
How to Record From Two Computers (2 minute 40 seconds) - How to record slides + screen capture from one computer (Windows or Mac) and audio/video from another computer (Windows or Mac)
Mac Recording Overview (5 minutes 59 seconds) - General overview of the Mac recorder
Starting a Live Broadcast (3 minutes 50 seconds) - How to start a live broadcast session
How to Adjust Microphone Audio Levels (53 seconds) - How to change the audio levels on Windows 7

Basic Editing Overview (2 minutes 35 seconds) - How to trim beginning/end/middle out of recordings

Overview of Panopto Viewer (8 minutes 22 seconds) - General overview of the Panopto viewer
Taking Notes While Viewing (3 minutes 06 seconds) - How to take notes while viewing

Web Management Interface - Manage Folders and Sessions
Quick Overview (3 minutes 40 seconds) - Covers portal page, search, and viewing statistics
Create a New Folder (1 minute 14 seconds) - How to create a new folder 

Archive Sessions (2 minutes 29 seconds) - How to archive sessions
Download Sessions (2 minutes 27 seconds) - How to download single or multiple sessions into an offline format
Setting Permissions on Folders and Sessions (4 minutes 09 seconds) - How to control which users have access to your Folders and Sessions
Moving Sessions to Another Folder (1 minute 7 seconds) - How to move a session into a different Folder
Making a Copy of a Session (1 minute 11 seconds) - How to make copies of sessions
How to Merge Two Sessions (2 minutes 8 seconds) - How to merge two sessions together