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Survey of Recent Alumni

Summer 2005 

Salisbury University is attempting to assess by survey your perception of the value, experience, and quality of education provided to you by SU.  When combined with the opinions of your peers, the insight you provide will assist the faculty, department chairs, deans, staff, and administration to improve the educational experience for current and future generations of students.  

Your postcard includes a "Survey ID Code".  In order for us to process your responses, this code must be entered in the appropriate block below.  This tracking number allows us to follow-up with non-respondents by a certain date. Once we receive your responses, the information is warehoused in a database without any personal identifiers or links to this code.  As a result, the feedback you provide is confidential at the individual level.  Surveys submitted without an appropriate "Survey ID Code" cannot be processed.  Please do not forget to include the "Survey ID Code."  If you have misplaced your "Survey ID Code" or need another one, please contact our office at or (410) 543-6025.

Your participation in this vital process and any additional comments you provide are both important and appreciated! 

Please complete the survey below and submit it electronically.

Survey ID Code From Your Postcard

(an entry is required in this field)

Today's Date

    1) Did you transfer to Salisbury University from another college or campus?



    2) Would you have been financially able to complete your degree without the financial aid you received?

                                        I did not receive any type of financial aid

                                        Yes, without major financial hardship to me and/or my family

                                        No, with major financial hardship to me and/or my family

                                        No, I would not have been financially able to complete my degree

    3) Since completing your program at Salisbury University, have you ever enrolled in school again?

No, I have not enrolled in school again (Go to question 7)


    4) What certificate or degree were you seeking at the school referred to in question 3?

    5) How well did SU prepare you for graduate or professional study? 


    6) How was this major related to the major you completed at Salisbury University?

Same major

Different, but related major

Different major

    7) Are you currently employed? 

Yes, full-time

Yes, part-time

No, but I am seeking employment (Go to question 14)

No, and I am not seeking employment (Go to question 14)

    8) Where is your current place of employment?

Other country

    9) Look at the following list and mark the category that best describes your current occupation.

    10) What is your annual salary or wage in your current job?

    11) How well did Salisbury University prepare you for your current job?

    12) To what extent is your current job related to your major or area of study at Salisbury University?

    13) Was a bachelor's degree required in order to obtain your current job?



I am not sure

    14) If you were to do it over, would you attend Salisbury University again?

    15) If you were to do it over, would you major in the same field you did?

    16) Were you a legal resident of the state of Maryland when you first enrolled in Salisbury University?



    17) Where do you currently live?  (Check one)

In questions 18-19, check one answer for each item based upon the following scale:

    1 = ENHANCED by my undergraduate experience AND IMPORTANT to current career

    2 = ENHANCED by my undergraduate experience BUT NOT IMPORTANT to current career

    3 = NOT Enhanced by my undergraduate experience AND NOT Important to current career

    4 = NOT Enhanced by my undergraduate experience BUT Important to current career

18)  Has your overall education and/or experience at Salisbury University enhanced your ability to:

  1 2 3 4
a:  engage in independent or creative thinking
b:  express yourself in creative or independent ways
c:  solve problems effectively
d:  solve problems using a variety of approaches
e:  obtain, accurately assess, AND present information or ideas
f:   read effectively 
g:  write effectively
h:  listen effectively
i:   speak effectively
j:   make effective use of mathematics
k:  use libraries effectively
l:   use information resources effectively
m: effectively use computer applications and emerging technologies
n:  effectively work in a team environment
o:  effectively work with diverse groups of people
p:  get along with people whose attitudes or opinions are different from mine
q:  think objectively about beliefs, attitudes or opinions that are different from mine
r:  make judgments and decisions based upon ethical and environmental considerations
s:  make and exercise a lifelong commitment to learning
t:  appreciate and exercise my rights, responsibilities, and privileges as a citizen

19)  Make effective use of knowledge in the following:

a:  visual and performing arts (art, music, dance, theatre)
b:  literature (English, foreign language-based)
c:  civilization:  cultural and historical perspectives
d:  contemporary global issues (peoples, cultures, institutions)                                     
e:  second language or culture
f:  social and behavioral sciences
g:  biological and physical sciences


In question 20, check one answer for each item based upon the following scale:

1 = very satisfied    2 = satisfied    3 = neutral    4 = dissatisfied    5 = very dissatisfied

20)  Indicate your level of satisfaction with each aspect listed below:

  1 2 3 4 5
a:  availability of desired courses
b:  class size relative to the type of course
c:  adequacy of library resources in your major
d:  quality of the program in your major/field
e:  overall quality of instruction
f:  quality of academic advising
g:  concern for you as an individual
h:  overall quality of an SU education


Your comments help to improve the educational experience for current and future students.  If you would like to provide Salisbury University with additional information, please use the space provided below.


Questions?  Please contact:

Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accountability

Salisbury University

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