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General Education Outcomes

General Education Outcomes (xlsx)

* These General Education outcomes were approved at the April 27th, 2010 meeting of the Faculty Senate. This comprehensive list of 58 outcomes was developed by the Faculty to be aligned with the University's Student Learning Goals and the General Education curriculum.

  • UAAC (docx) - Summarized findings for General Education Goals and Outcomes

Pilot Course-Embedded General Education Assessment

For Students

* MyClassess Instructions (docx) - Information on how students can access the General Education MyClasses course to participate in the assessment.

* The information gathered from these assignments is considered evidence of the effectiveness of SU’s General Education program and contributes to decisions faculty and administrators make about the program. STUDENT PARTICIPATION IS IMPORTANT TO THE UNIVERSITY!

For Faculty & Staff

  • Timeline (xlsx) - click on the Timeline worksheet

*In fall 2010, the University Academic Assessment Committee, in collaboration with the General Education Assessment Council, recommended to the Faculty Senate that SU engage in a pilot course-embedded assessment to collect information about student learning in General Education courses.

This proposal (doc) was supported by the Faculty Senate, and the pilot will begin in fall 2011. By the end of the five year pilot, all of the Student Learning Goal within the “Skills” area will be assessed. This would include the following Student Learning Goals: Critical Thinking, Command of Language (Reading, Writing, Speaking, & Listening), Quantitative Literacy, Information Literacy, and Interpersonal Communication.

General Education Assessment Results



Command of Language (Reading & Writing): Fall & Spring

Quantitative Literacy: Fall


Interpersonal Communication & Listening: Fall & Spring

Speaking: Coming Soon

Biological & Physical Sciences: Coming Soon


Critical Thinking

Information Literacy

Second Language & Culture


Visual & Performing Arts



Contemporary Global Issues

Social & Behavioral Sciences


Interdependence Among Disciplines

Social Responsibility

Humane Values

Intellectual Curiosity

Aesthetic Values


General Education Assessment Action Plan

Faculty Retreat

May 22nd 2012

Faculty Development Day General - Education Assessment

January 21st 2010

General Education Faculty Assessment Retreat

June 2nd & 3rd 2009

Salisbury University Assessment

  • 2009-10 University Academic Assessment Committee (UAAC) Committee Members
  • Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report: 2011 (doc)

Assessment Web Interface

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  • Instructions for Navigating and Using the Assessment Web Interface (doc)

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