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Athletic Training Program

Evaluation System

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Survey Login Site:

Survey Due Dates:

ATTR 420 Proficiencies

Packet #1 due September 14th at 7am

Packet #2 due October 5th at 7am

Packet #3 due October 19th at 7am

Packet #4 due November 9th at 7am

ATTR 479 Progress Reports

Report #1 due February 12th at 11:59pm

Report #2 due March 4th at 11:59pm

Report #3 due March 25th at 11:59pm

Report #4 due April 15th at 11:59pm

Clinical Evaluations for ATTR 420

Evaluation #1 due September 23rd at noon

Evaluation #2 due October 28th at noon

Evaluation #3 due December 2nd at noon (including Clinical Site and Preceptor Evaluations)

Survey IDs:

         ATTR 221:  Risk Management Strategies 

  1. Clinical Proficiencies

    Survey ID: 98KI5l4

  2. Clinical Evaluations

    Survey ID: 98KI314

  3. Self Evaluations

    Survey ID: l2KK652

        ATTR 320:  Clinical Pathology

  1. Clinical Proficiencies

    Survey ID: 9lKJ6m8

  2. Clinical Evaluations

    Survey IDl4KJ9p6

  3. Self Evaluations

    Survey ID9lKJ7m8

        ATTR 321:  Clinical Evaluation & Management

  1. Clinical Proficiencies

    Survey ID: 98KI6l4

  2. Clinical Evaluations

    Survey ID: 98KHn14

  3. Self Evaluations

    Survey ID: l2KK752

        ATTR 420:  Clinical Rehabilitation & Administration

  1. Clinical Proficiencies 

    Survey ID: 9lKJ5m8

  2. Clinical Evaluations

    Survey ID: l4KJlp6

  3. Self Evaluations

    Survey ID: 9lKJ8m8

        ATTR 479:  Athletic Training Practicum

  1. Clinical Evaluations

    Survey ID: n6KI4o2

  1. Progress Reports

    Survey ID: llKK4m2

End of Semester Evaluations

  1. Preceptor Evaluations

    Survey ID: 94kH476

  1. Clinical Site Evaluations

    Survey ID: 95KH576

  1. Internship Preceptor Evaluations

    Survey ID: n6KH7o2

  2. Internship Site Evaluations

    Survey ID: n6KH6o2

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