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Salisbury University offers a full range of benefits to its regular employees. Many are a part of the State of Maryland's benefits menu, or flexible benefits plan, which allows employees to choose their benefits and pay for them with pre-tax dollars. The following list offers a brief description of the choices available. More information on these benefits is available from the Human Resources Office at 410-543-6035. 

Health Benefits

Medical Plans: Employees may choose from three types of medical plans:
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Point of Service (POS)
  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
The main differences between the three types of plans are the choice of physicians, referral and primary care physician requirements, and the premium costs. Some things to keep in mind:

            Aetna -
            CareFirst -
            United Healthcare -

  • Premium costs vary depending on the specific plan and level of coverage selected.
  • Employees selecting the CareFirst POS plan, the Aetna or the United Health Care EPO plan must select a primary care physician (PCP). Lists of PCPs by plan are available in the Human Resources Office or on the related website.
  • All medical plans include vision benefits.

Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA)

  • If you or your children are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP and you are eligible for health coverage from your employer, your State may have a premium assistance program that can help pay for coverage.  The link below provides information regarding eligibility requirements for this program.

Prescription Drug Plan: * Comprehensive prescription drug benefits are available separate from the medical plans. Premium costs are determined by level of coverage selected. Each prescription is subject to a co-pay.  
Vendor:  Express Scripts
Phone Number:  1-877-213-3867
Dental Plan: * A dental benefits program is available exclusively through participating dentists. Premium costs are determined by level of coverage selected. Contact Human Resources for the list of participating dentists or go to the dental plans website for an up-to-date listing of participating dentists.
Vendor: United Concordia DHMO or DPPO
Phone:  1-888-638-3384


Term Life Insurance: * Available through Minnesota Life for employees and dependents. Coverage is available in amounts varying from $10,000 to $300,000. Premiums on the first $50,000 are eligible for pre-tax treatment.  Up to $50,000 coverage can be selected without a medical review at time of hire.
Vendor:  Minnesota Life
Phone:  1-866-883-3514
Personal Accident & Dismemberment: * This benefit is designed to supplement an employee's life insurance needs. It provides both accidental death and dismemberment benefits for accidents that occur on or off the job. Up to $300,000 in protection can be purchased for employees and their dependents.
Vendor:  Minnesota Life
Phone:  1-866-883-3514
Health Care Reimbursement Account (Flex Spending): * Permits employees to set aside up to $2,500 of pre-tax pay and then be reimbursed for health care expenses that are not covered by insurance. Reimbursement forms are available in the Human Resources Office and on the SHPS website below.
Vendor:  ConnectYourCare
Phone:  1-866-971-4646
Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (Flex Spending): * Allows employees to set aside up to $5,000 of pre-tax pay and then be reimbursed for expenses associated with the care of dependents. Reimbursement forms are available in the Human Resources Office and on the SHPS website below.
Vendor:  ConnectYourCare
Phone:  1-866-971-4646
* Identifies those benefits for which premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars. A complete description of these benefits can be found in the State of Maryland Health Benefits Guide.


Long Term Care Insurance:  Covers care received either at home or in a facility (i.e., someone needing assistance with daily living activities).  This is not medical insurance.  Eligibility includes adult children, siblings, parents and grandparents (in-laws included).
Vendor:   Prudential     Group Name: maryland; password: marylandltc     
Phone:  1-800-732-0416

UNUM Term Life Insurance: Coverage is available for both employees and their dependents. Levels of coverage range from $20,000 to $750,000, not to exceed six times an individual's salary.  Plan Highlights
Enrollment Form: Click here
          Beneficiary Form: Click here
Vendor: UNUM
Phone:  1-866-762-8705
UNUM Long Term Disability Insurance: Provides benefits equal to 60 percent of salary following a 90 or 365-day waiting period from the onset of the disability/illness.
Plan Highlights
         Enrollment Form: Click here
Vendor: UNUM
Phone:  1-866-762-8705


Retirement Plans

All regular, nonexempt employees are enrolled in the Maryland State Retirement Pension System (MSRPS) at the time of employment. All regular exempt employees (faculty and unclassified administrators) have the option of enrolling in the MSRPS or selecting an Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). ORP carriers currently include: TIAA/CREF and Fidelity Investments. Packets containing descriptions of each plan and the appropriate enrollment paperwork are available in the Human Resources Office. All exempt employees are encouraged to review the hand-out Choosing a Retirement Program before selecting a retirement plan.
Maryland State Retirement Pension System (MSRPS): This is a defined benefit plan that provides a benefit based upon the employee's age, salary and years of service. The plan requires an employee contribution that is non-taxable for federal tax purposes. The plan provides early retirement, disability and survivor benefits, as applicable. New employees are vested, or guaranteed a benefit, after completing ten years of eligible service. Other plan features include the conversion of unused sick leave to additional creditable service at the time of retirement, subsidized health insurance benefits for those who have completed 25 years of service, and cost of living adjustments during retirement when applicable.

The Maryland State Retirement Agency announced the release of a new informative video about Maryland's public pension benefit plans Press Release.   The video addresses three key themes, Pensions Work, Pension Policies Have Long-Term Impact & Pensions Support Our Local Economy. Each is addressed in its own discrete segment of the video and can be viewed separately through the State Retirement Agency's YouTube channel.  "Retirement Security Benefits Everyone"

Optional Retirement Plans (ORP): These are defined contribution plans that provide a benefit based upon the employee's accumulated account balance. The State contributes the equivalent of a certain percentage of the employee's salary (currently 7.25 percent) each year to the employee's ORP account. These contributions are spread over 20 pay periods. There are no employee contributions to these plans. Early retirement and death benefits are based upon the employee's ORP account balances, though a federal penalty tax may apply. Employees are always fully vested in their total account balance.  Employees who were hired prior to July 1, 2011, and retire with 16 or more years of service are eligible for fully subsidized health insurance benefits (25 years of service is required for this benefit to include spouse/dependent children).  For those hired on or after July 1, 2011, fully subsidized health benefits are available upon retirement to the employee and their eligible dependents after 25 years of service.


2013 1st Quarter ORP Performance Report

2013 2nd Quarter ORP Performance Report

2013 3rd Quarter ORP Performance Report

2012 1st Quarter ORP Performance Report
2012 2nd Quarter ORP Performance Report
2012 3rd Quarter ORP Performance Report
2012 4th Quarter ORP Performance Report
2011 1st Quarter ORP Performance Report
2011 2nd Quarter ORP Performance Report
2011 3rd Quarter ORP Performance Report
2011 4th Quarter ORP Performance Report
Supplemental Retirement Accounts (SRA): These plans enable employees to supplement their retirement income by contributing a portion of their salary before taxes to an investment plan of their choice. Employees can choose from among several investment options within each plan. Supplemental Retirement Accounts are available with Fidelity Investments, Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans (MSRP) and TIAA-CREF. Packets describing all plans are available in the Human Resources Office.


Paid Leave

Annual Leave:  Earned Annual Leave may be used for different reasons, the most common being vacation.   All eligible employees accrue Annual Leave at a fixed rate, based on position and years of service.  Nonexempt employees earn 10 days per year for the first 4 years of employment, with additional days beginning with the 5th, 11th and 21st year.  Exempt employees earn 22 days per year.   A maximum of 50 days may be carried over to the next calendar year (fiscal year for Contingent II employees).

Sick Leave: All regular employees, regardless of job title, accrue Sick Leave at the rate of 1.25 days per month of work. As faculty have 10-month contracts, they earn a total of 12.5 days per year while the remainder of employees, nonexempt as well as exempt, earn 15 days each year. Sick Leave accumulation is unlimited.

Bereavement Leave: One to five days of earned Sick Leave may be used to cover an employee's absence when there is a death in the family. The exact amount permitted depends on the employee's relationship to the deceased and whether overnight travel is involved.

Pregnancy-related disabilities, childbirth, adoption: Up to thirty days of accrued Sick Leave may be used to care for a child immediately following the birth of a child or placement of the child with the employee for adoption.
Family Illness Leave: Earned Sick Leave may also be used for the purpose of providing care for sick family members.

Personal Leave:  Eligible employees receive three (3) days or 24 hours of Personal Leave per calendar year (contract year for Contingent II employees).  Eligible part-time employees who are employed on at least 50 percent of a full-time basis earn prorated personal leave.  Earned Personal Leave may not be carried forward.   If not taken by the end of the calendar year, or prior to the end of the contract year for Contingent II employees, unused Personal Leave is forfeited.

Holidays: Eligible employees earn 14 (15 in an election year) paid holidays per calendar/contract year.   All unused holidays must be taken by the end of the first pay period ending in January of the following year for PIN employees.  Contingent II employees must use all their earned holidays by the end of the contract year.

2014 Holiday Date Earned Date to be Taken
New Year’s Day Wednesday - January 1, 2014 Wednesday - January 1, 2014
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday - January 20, 2014 Monday - January 20, 2014
Presidents' Day Monday - February 17, 2014 Wednesday - November 26, 2014 (Day before Thanksgiving)
Memorial Day Monday - May 26, 2014 Monday - May 26, 2014
Independence Day Friday - July 4, 2014 Friday - July 4, 2014
Labor Day Monday - September 1, 2014 Monday - September 1 , 2014
Columbus Day Monday - October 13, 2014 Tuesday - December 23, 2014
Election Day Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Veterans Day Tuesday - November 11, 2014 Friday - December 26, 2014
Thanksgiving Day Thursday - November 27, 2014 Thursday - November 27, 2014
Day after Thanksgiving Friday - November 28, 2014 Friday - November 28, 2014
Holiday Monday - December 22, 2014 Monday - December 22, 2014
Christmas Day Thursday - December 25, 2014 Thursday - December 25, 2014
Holiday Monday - December 29, 2014 Monday - December 29, 2014
Holiday Tuesday - December 30, 2014 Tuesday - December 30, 2014
Holiday Wednesday - December 31, 2014 Wednesday - December 31, 2014
2015 Holiday Date Earned Date to be Taken
New Year's Day Thursday - January 1, 2015 Thursday - January 1, 2015


Printable Version of

2013 Holiday Calendar

2014 Holiday Calendar


Other Benefits

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - USM

The University System of Maryland has contracted with Inova Employee Assistance (IEA) to offer a wide variety of work/life services through both phone-based and web-based services.  Employee Assistance Programs have often been known for the traditional counseling and consultation resources.  IEA offers the traditional services, but the services have been expanded to provide nontraditional services such as financial, legal, child care, education, identity theft, and pet services.  All services are private and confidential, and there is no cost associated with the services.  Additionally, IEA provides Corporate Perks, which is a discount program for everyday services such as travel, restaurants, electronics, flowers, and more. 

To access the information online, go to  Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Click Member Login, then enter the username and password listed below.

Username:  Salisbury

Password:  Seagulls

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - State of Maryland

The EAP provides confidential and professional assessment and referral services to State employees who are experiencing personal/medical problems affecting their work performance.

 State Employees' Credit Union: Membership is available to all Salisbury University employees. A variety of programs are available. Brochures are available in the Human Resources Office, or you can call 1-800-879-7328 for more information.
Tuition Waiver: Subject to certain restrictions, tuition waiver is available to eligible employees and retirees. Tuition remission benefits for spouses/dependent children of employees hired after July 1, 1992, will be available only after the employee has worked for two years prior to the anticipated date of registration for coursework. More information outlining this benefit is available from the Human Resources Office.

(If prompted for password, hit cancel.)