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If you are applying for a Fall 2016 position, the electronic application must be submitted no later than Monday, January 11, 2016. Applicants for a Fall 2016 position will be considered for staff openings for the 2016-2017 academic year. 

Suggestion: When filling out application, use the "tab" key to advance from one blank to the next. Using the "enter" key will cause you to submit the application before it's complete.

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Applicant Type:   New Applicant  Previous Applicant
Birth Date: / / (mm/dd/yyyy)
SU ID #:  
SU Address (Box Number):
Residence Hall and Room #:
Do you live off-campus? Yes     No
Current Cell Number:  
Summer Address
(address where you can be
contacted during the upcoming
Summer Phone Number:
(phone number where you
can be contacted during
the upcoming summer)
Expected Credits completed by
Fall 2016:
Expected Graduation Date: (mm/yy):
Fall 2014 GPA:
Spring 2015 GPA:
Fall 2015 GPA:
PLEASE NOTE: All credit and grade point averages are officially verified.
List of residence history (i.e., FR-Nanticoke, SO-commuted, JR-Sea Gull Square)
Freshmen Year:
Sophomore Year:
Junior Year:
Senior Year:
Are you presently now, or have ever lived in a Living Learning Community?  If so, which LLC? 
Yes  No     
Would you be interested in working with a Living Learning Community (LLC)?  If so, which community and why?  (Art, Biology, Business, Communication Arts, Elementary Education, Entrepreneurship, Global Village, Green Floor, Honors, Honors Science, Human Services, Music, STEM, Secondary Education, Theatre, Wellness)
Résumé - Please send a Microsoft Word document or PDF copy of your résumé to
Please answer the questions below in 250 words or less.
(1) Describe why you would like to become a Resident Assistant.  Please provide what strengths you will bring to the position and what areas you see may be a challenge.
(2) Describe a difficult decision you have made in the past year.  How did you approach the situation and what did you learn?
(3) Describe a time you interacted or worked with another individual in which you did not get along.  How did you maintain a positive relationship? If you did not, what would you have done differently?
Preferred T-Shirt Size:  Small   Medium  Large   XL  2XL  3XL  4XL
Please remember to e-mail your recommendation forms to by January 11, 2016.

I hereby certify that these statements are true and accurate.  I understand that by falsifying this document, I disqualify myself from further consideration for the Resident Assistant position.  By typing my name hereunder as an electronic signature, I authorize the Office of Housing and Residence Life to verify the information given with the SU Registrar and other appropriately specified faculty/staff.
 In addition, I have read and understand all the terms and conditions related to the RA Selection Process and timeline.

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