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Campus Housing & Residence Life

What to Bring

**Master List - created by a loving, prepared (and nervous!) SU mom 

Although the below list is not intended to be all inclusive, it has been helpful to students in the past.  We recommend you keep track of the items that you use on a daily basis for two weeks and bring those with you if they are permitted items.

Sheets (twin extra-long are recommended, but some regular twin sheets fit)
     *Sea Gull Square beds are 'full' size.
Shower caddy
Shower shoes/flip-flops
Laundry bag/basket 
Eating utensils
Lamp with Energy Star light bulbs
Trash can/cleaning supplies
Alarm clock
Surge Protector (for additional plugs)
Refrigerator 1.7 amps or less or MicroFridge unit 
Hand sanitizer
2-3 surgical masks for cold/flu season (precautionary measures)
Laundry detergent (Chesapeake and Sea Gull Square students only)

What Not to Bring   
These items are NOT permitted in the residence halls:

Pets (excludes fish in a 10 gallon tank)
Laundry Detergent - we provide it for you!
Sun lamps
Space heater/kerosene or electric heaters
Halogen lamps
Electric blankets
Toaster/toaster ovens
Extension cords/multi-unit plugs without surge protection
Microwave (free standing units, see MicroFridge information)

For other specific items please refer to the Residence Hall Information Booklet, Student Code of Conduct.  

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