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Amenities on Campus

low loftWelcome to your “home away from home!While we can’t completely duplicate all of the conveniences you’ve had at home, we can certainly try.

  • Enhanced Laundry Services – Included in your room rate is a “laundry fee” which entitles you unlimited washer and dryer use. Gone are the days of sitting on a machine and waiting for an available washer or dryer. LaundryView is a service provided by our laundry vendor, Mac Gray. LaundryView allows you to check the status of your washer and dryer online from your room, the library, class, computer lab, or even the coffee shop on campus. You can even register for an alert system which will send you an email when a machine is available!
  • loft systemUniversity Loft Co Furniture – In your room you will find a versatile set of  furniture.  The loft set allows you to bunk or loft your room furniture to fit more of those items you can’t live without! Room desks will fit larger computer monitors, and there’s no need to buy those bed risers as you can raise or lower your bed to any position desired. Our mattresses may be a bit thicker and longer than what you have at home. Bed linens can be purchased at any store in your local neighborhood (Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.). You’ll likely receive offers to buy specially-fitted sheets from many different vendors, but any type of twin-sized sheet will do!
  • Recreational Lounges – Several buildings feature pool tables which convert into ping pong tables and foosball. Residence hall lounges also include televisions, internet connections, snack and soda machines featuring energy drinks, and other items depending on the building. Vending machines allow you to use your Gull Card if you have deposited money into the campus debit account.
  • microfridgeMicrofridges – Microfridge units are available for rent from MyFridgeRental. Our microfridge vendor will send you the information to complete a contract and arrange delivery. They will deliver the unit to your room, and pick it up at the end of the year! If you’re looking to have a microwave in your room and avoid those walks to the first floor to cook easy mac…the microfridge is the only SU approved microwave allowed in student rooms.
  • Wireless Internet – All residence halls on campus are wireless.  You may still use an Ethernet connection as well.
  • Recycling – Feel free to purchase your own mini-recycling container for your room. Located in the dumpster area of every building there are large bins for paper, aluminum, and plastic recycling. We strongly encourage recycling on campus, so please have a system for separating your trash to keep our campus “green” friendly!
  • Dining Locations – The Commons is your main source for dining on campus, and is the only location which allows you to use your meal plan. East Coaster’s, located in the Guerreri University Center, will allow you to use dining dollars and money deposited into your campus debit account. Satellite dining carts are located in Henson, Caruthers, and Fulton Halls to grab a quick snack before heading to class. The Gull Card allows you to purchase food at local restaurants if you have money deposited in your campus debit account. Visit the University Dining Services and the Gull Card office websites for more information.
  • Fitness Rooms – St. Martin Hall has its own fitness center located on the 2nd floor .  All other halls are not equipped with fitness centers.  However, Magg’s Physical Activities Center features flexible hours from early in the morning to late at night for you to use the strength room, nautilus room, racquetball courts, basketball courts, and swimming pool. Check their website for more information.
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