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Just like attending SU, living on campus is a privilege. With the privilege comes many rights and responsibilities in maintaining the integrity and respect essential for a safe and secure community. As you read through this page you will find many references to “University policy” which are better described as community standards. In conjunction with the “Salisbury University Promise” we want “residents to connect what they learn to how they live, demonstrate personal and academic integrity, respect diverse groups and individuals, and bring honor to the University and themselves.” If everyone makes this commitment, living on campus can be a great experience for all! 

Work Orders - Submitting work orders is now quicker and much easier than ever before. Go to the Physical Plant Service Center page and click on “Generate Online Work Order Request” to log a work order anytime of the day. Once the work order is submitted, a work order number will be emailed to you. If the repair isn't responded to in 2-3 working days, please provide the work order number and problem to your Area Director or Resident Director.

If it’s a priority one issue: AC/heat not working; power failure; lock failure; water leak; etc., call Facility Repair at 410-677-3097 Monday - Friday between 8am and 5pm, or University Police at 410-543-6222 during other hours. The time it takes you during the semester to call in a room repair could save you big bucks at the end of the semester.

Cable Television - The SU cable TV system does not utilize a set top box to receive channels.  Televisions must have a QAM (stands for quadrature amplitude modulation) tuner in order to receive channels on campus. Most US TVs sold after 2006 include a QAM tuner, though some low end and less expensive models still do not include the functionality to tune QAM channels. It is important to verify that the television has a QAM tuner, which can be found either listed on the product specifications or in the User Manual.

There is an option for a set top box to be ordered through the SU Bookstore. In most cases we do not recommend this since the cost of the set top box is higher than most 19” televisions and that the box will only work on the SU campus. The following are televisions that we know will not work on the SU Cable TV System: Brand - Element; Model #ELEFW195.

Please contact Telecommunications at 410-543-6000 to report Cable TV concerns.  Afterhours issues may be emailed directly to

Safety Inspections - Every 2-3 weeks residence life staff will conduct health and safety inspections in your room. Inspections allow our staff to make certain the room is in good condition, and ensure that living guidelines are being adhered to (especially outlet use, adhesives on walls, and smoke detectors). Requests will be made by the staff for you to correct any problems, or work order room issues. Any violations observed will be confronted, and if necessary referred through judicial procedures. These inspections are limited to what’s in plain view, and residence life staff will not open a students desk, dressers, or closets (with the exception of those buildings where outlets are located in the closet). You will always be given at least 24 hours advance notice of safety inspections, and if you aren’t present in the room the inspection will take place in your absence. If you have any questions regarding safety inspections please see your building AD/RD.

Fire Safety/Emergency Procedures - Issues of fire safety are very important to us, and these pictures of a recent incident on campus are the reason why. With the assistance of University Police we’ll conduct 2-3 fire drills each semester. During these drills residents are expected to vacate the building and follow fire evacuation protocols. Residence Life staff will be outside of the building to record who’s left the building. The practice of checking in during a building evacuation allows emergency personnel to know if anyone may still be in the building. Located on the rear of room doors and at posted points throughout the building are evacuation routes. You can also check out the environmental safety website for more the location of emergency equipment, including automated external defibrillators (AED’s) for use by anyone in an emergency situation.

In the event of weather related emergencies such as hurricanes and tornadoes, shelter spaces have been established in each building. Residents living in: Manokin, Nanticoke, Pocomoke, and Wicomico Halls should go to their basement; Choptank, Chester, and Severn Halls should go into the hallway of their floor; St. Martin’s Hall should go into their bathrooms; Chesapeake Hall should go into the long hallway between their bathrooms; and Dogwood Village should go to the basement of the Commons.

Checking Out Before the End of Semester?  Moving Rooms? - Listed here is information for checking out of your room during the middle of the semester, whether you’re moving to another room on campus, moving off campus, or withdrawing from SU. It is important to make contact with your AD/RD as soon as possible if this is a move off campus or away from SU. Your building’s director will have you complete a Residence Hall Contract Cancellation form along with filling out the Room Condition Report you completed when you moved in. It’s important these forms are completed, especially if there’s a possibility you will be refunded any portion of your room fees. Additionally, the completed Room Condition Report allows us to know what the condition of room was when you left in the event damages occur after you leave.

If you’re simply moving to another room on campus, you’ll need to coordinate your move time with your AD/RD so your Room Condition Reports can be completed, and your Gull Card can be programmed properly for new access. Just remember, your room, your responsibility!!

Winter/Summer Housing - Winter and summer housing is available for all SU students taking classes during the mini-semesters or working on campus. Prior to the start of winter and summer session classes information will be posted online and available in Residence Life to apply for housing. Room rates vary depending on room accommodations; housing is only available when classes are in session. Meal plans are not active during the winter and summer sessions, but fully stocked kitchens are available in each residence hall.

Between late May and early August, residence hall space is available for camps and conferences. Staying in the residence halls allows for convenient access to athletic facilities, academic buildings, and dining space. Please contact our office to get more information!

Laundry View - A convenient laundry service is available to all residents which allows you to track the usage and availability of washers and dryers without leaving your room. Click here to get more information and save yourself a trip downstairs. In addition, we’ve included a laundry fee in your room rate and this will give you unlimited access to washers and dryers without ever having to remember if there’s enough money on your Gull Card.   You also do not need to bring laundry detergent with you!  We provide the soap for the washing machines and it is automatically dispensed into each wash load (Students living in Chesapeake Hall and Sea Gull Square still need to bring laundry detergent).

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