The Thomas E. Bellavance Honors Program
Holloway Hall

Opportunities: Internships, Scholarships, and Research

A variety of internships and scholarships are available to qualified and motivated students. Below are suggestions and information for identifying and applying for such opportunities.

  • First, go to the Career Services office in Guerrieri Student Center where a variety of internship and scholarship information and materials are available for your use.
  • Check out the bulletin board in the Honors Center classroom. Recent brochures of graduate fellowships such as the the Rhodes, Fulbright, Truman, British Marshall and Howard Hughes awards are posted as received. If you are interested in applying for these awards, the Director of Honors. Application materials for these awards are due in early fall, so you should plan several months in advance.
  • Blackwell Library also is a good resource for scholarship and internship information. The reference librarians can be of particular help. There also are guides to graduate study as well as college catalogues if you decide to apply for an institutionally specific scholarship for graduate school.
  • Your advisor can also often provide information on internship opportunities or can refer you to someone within your major department who can provide you with information.
  • And last but not least, the Internet is a wonderful resource for scholarship and internship opportunities. Below are some helpful links to show you just a few of the internships and scholarships available in a variety of fields. 

Remember - talk to the Honors Program Director or Dr. Becky Emery in Career Services if you are considering applying for any of these awards. Strong faculty support and careful preparation are essential to winning a chance at a good scholarship.      

Categories of Links

| General | Scholarships, Fellowships, Etc |
| Education | Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics | Environmental |
| Government | Health | Journalism | Psychology | Law |


  1. The College Board (the SAT folks) provides some excellent information on careers, scholarships, and internships
  2. Comprehensive General Scholarship Search
  3. The Washington Center for Internships.
  4. Comprehensive Financial Aid and Scholarship Page
  5. National Organization for Women Internships
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  1. Rhodes Scholars
  2. Fulbright Graduate Fellowships
  3. Truman Scholars
  4. Goldwater Scholarships
  5. Information about the Marshall Scholarships from the British Council
  6. Mellon Fellowships
  7. NIH-Oxford Scholars in Biomedical Research
  8. NIH-University of Cambridge Health Science Scholars

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  1. Association for Experiential Education
  2. Education and Outreach in Maryland
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  1. Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. Opportunities for Undergraduates: An Excellent List of Government Internships for Science Majors.
  2. Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Fellowship Provides up to $32,000 for graduate studies in the applied physical sciences. Applications are made the senior year of undergraduate studies.
  3. AT&T Internships
  4. FNAL Summer Interns in Science and Technology
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  1. New England Aquarium - Information is available about volunteer work and internships
  2. The Animal Behavior Society - Includes a guide to graduate programs in animal behavior (under resources), the newsletter (includes adverts, for jobs and graduate fellowships), links to university biology departments and the archive of ABSnet, a listserv of behavior-oriented announcements (includes adverts, for jobs and graduate fellowships).
  3. The Ornithological Council - Lots of bird-oriented job opportunities and graduate fellowships listed in the Ornithological Newsletter.
  4. The Ecological Society of America
  5. Harris World Ecology Center at the University of Missouri at St. Louis - Information on current topics in tropical conservation biology, includes links to other major organizations concerned with tropical ecology (e.g. Organization of Tropical Studies, Smithsonian Institution).
  6. Society for Conservation Biology
  7. The Nature Conservancy
  8. United States Geological Survey - Advertises many internships that are reserved exclusively for recent college graduates and also posts advertisements for jobs at many environmentally-oriented government agencies.
  9. The US Fish and Wildlife Service - Lists employment and volunteer opportunities plus information on careers.
  10. The Environmental Protection Agency - Advertises many internships that are reserved exclusively for recent college graduates.
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  1. Internships with the FBI
  2. Internships with the USDA
  3. Academy for Educational Development: educational fellowships for people of color in public service.
  4. National Security Agency Education Program
  5. Federal Emergency Management Agency Internships
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  1. National Institutes of Health Internships in Biomedical Research
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  1. Southern Newspaper Publishers Association Internships
  2. Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association Internships
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  1. American Psychological Association Internship and Postdoctoral Programs for Training in Psychology
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  1. Law Internships and Law Student Guide
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Research Opportunities

    Honors students frequently participate in research conferences as a way of testing the waters of academia. Salisbury University Honors students have numerous opportunities every year. Some conferences students have participated in in the past include: Maryland Collegiate Honors Conference (MCHC), Northeast Region Honors Conference (NRHC), National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR), and National Collegiate Honors Conference (NCHC).