Holloway Hall

Department Directory



  • Creston S. Long, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor

    Revolutionary America, Maryland, Research Methodology


Associate Professors:

Assistant Professors:

  • Celine Carayon, Ph.D.
    Colonial America, American Indians, Atlantic World
  • Kara French, Ph.D.
    U.S. Women's History, Gender, Sexuality
  • Tom Goyens, Ph.D.
    U.S. 19th and Early 20th Centuries, Immigrants, Labor, Radicalism
  • Joseph Venosa, Ph.D.
    Modern Africa, Indian Ocean World

Visiting Assistant Professors:

  • Jason Boroughs, Ph.D.
    Visiting Assistant Professor
    Anthropology and archaeology


  • Kevin Birch, M.A.
    Ancient Mediterranean studies, classical mythology
  • Linda E. Dwyer, Ph.D.
    Sociocultural anthropology
  • Dean Fafoutis, M.A.
    Diplomatic, 19th century U.S. history
  • Peggy Genvert, M.A.
    World civilizations, U.S. history
  • Claudia Hannon, M.A.
    World Civilizations, Ancient Near East and Jewish studies
  • Karen Silverstrim, M.A.
    World Civilizations

Part-time Lecturers


  • Sylvia Bradley, M.A.
  • Clara Small, Ph.D.
  • Donald M. Whaley, M.A.