Graduate Program in History


Holloway Hall

Admission to the Graduate Program in History

The Program expects that applicants will demonstrate the academic preparation and aptitudes necessary for undertaking serious historical study. Ideally, this should be achieved by the completion (or expected completion) of an undergraduate degree in history or an allied field that entails 15 credits of upper-division coursework in history, including a course on historical methodology, and a grade point average of no less than 3.0 (“B”) in all history courses. Those who do not possess this foundation may be provisionally accepted, pending satisfactory completion of an undergraduate course in historical research and writing at SU (Hist 330). Students provisionally admitted may take graduate courses while fulfilling this requirement.

Steps for making application to the Graduate Program in History

  1. Complete the online application plus pay the application fee, if applicable.
  2. Forward transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended to the SU Admissions Office.
  3. Submit a recent example of scholarly writing (waived for SU history graduates).
  4. Arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent to the director of the Graduate Program in History. These letters should come from individuals who will provide a suitable evaluation of the applicant’s academic capabilities, highlighting in particular the prospects of successfully pursuing study and research at the graduate level. The form to be submitted with these letters can be found here.
  5. Submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores directly to the director of the Graduate Program in History.

In order to be accepted for the program, applications and all supplemental materials should be submitted by following deadlines for the term indicated:

FALL         May 15

SPRING    October 15

Students interested in making application to the Graduate Program in History are urged to contact the director if they have any questions about the Program and its admission requirements.