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Proposal Requirements

The Richard A. Henson School of Science & Technology
Salisbury University



1. Research Grants are available to help support undergraduate research conducted with a faculty supervisor. A final report in the form of a presentation in the Undergraduate Research Symposium must be completed.

2. Grant awards can be made to an individual student more than once, but cannot cumulatively exceed $350 per student. The maximum award for multi-student projects will be as follows: 1 student = $350, 2 students = $600, 3 students = $750, 4 or more students = $800.

3.  Students may only be listed as an author on one proposal per semester.

4.  Grant proposals must be the original written work of the student.  While faculty mentors are expected to help and support students in the creation of the proposal, the final documents should be primarily be the creation of the student or the team of students.  Please refer to the section on Academic Integrity in the 2012-2014 SU Catalog.

4. Grants may be requested for the following expenses:

a.  Supplies and materials.

Note: Materials requested must be project specific and should not include major equipment items. Purchased items will be assigned to the University at the end of the project.

b.  Sample analysis at designated laboratories.

c.  Travel to field or research sites.

d.  Other expenses related to your project

5. Budget items must be prioritized (#1 being most important) in anticipation of the proposal not being fully-funded

6. Proposals involving live animals or human subjects must be approved by the University's Animal Care and Use Committee or Human Subjects in Research before your grant application is submitted.

7. Unspent money by the grant's ending date will revert to the University. NOTE: All money must be encumbered by May 15, 2015.

8. Students must have a declared major in the Henson School of Science and Technology and be enrolled as a full time or part-time student (minimum of 6 credit hours) during the project's duration.

9. A full-time University faculty member must agree to serve as advisor to the project and ensure a final report is presented.

10.  While there is no set form that a proposal must take, successful proposals should have the following components: 

  • An informative, descriptive title

  • An abstract of the proposal

  • An introduction that includes a clearly stated research question, the context of the question, and a cursory review of the relevant scientific literature.

  • A research method, written as detailed as is reasonable

  • A list of cited references

  • A prioritized budget, providing a detailed description of each item or analytical service you plan to purchase, including vendor, catalog number (if an item), and cost (including shipping and handling fees)


Revised: 1/15