Richard A. Henson School of Science & Technology

Welcome to the Health Professions Advisory Program (HPAP)

Welcome to HPAP

The Health Professions Advising Program (HPAP) at Salisbury University (SU) is a counseling, advising, and resource service sponsored by the Henson School of Science and Technology. The program is available to all SU students, regardless of academic major.

HPAP Overview

Health care career opportunities are plentiful. HPAP provides the infrastructure to guide students to an appropriate health career choice, to incorporate the required courses into their academic curriculum, and to develop the knowledge and experiences necessary to gain admission to the health profession program of their choice.

HPAP offers guidance for the following health professions:

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Register with HPAP

Why do you want to register? The schedule of events for HPAP may change and only those students listed in the HPAP database with receive email updates and reminders of special events such as registration alerts, group advising, workshops, open houses, and recruiter visits. There are many events that you do not want to miss, and being registered with HPAP allows us to communicate with your through your personal email. Register now, if you haven’t already!

Send your name, student ID number, and career goal(s) to:

Kathy Dunning 

Kathy Dunning
Chemistry and Math Majors
Biology Minor
University of Maryland Medical School

Krystal Donaldson and Dana Short
White Coat Ceremony
University of Maryland School of Dentistry

Kyrstal Donaldson and Dana Short 
Aaron Sebach

Aaron Sebach
BS and MS in Nursing
Family Nurse
Practitioner certificate
Board Certified
Emergency Nurse
and Pediatric Emergency Nurse
Doctor of Nursing Practice candidate at Salisbury University

Selena Menard
Medical Lab Science Major
Rosalind Franklin
Pathologist Assistant Program

Selena Menard

Zachary Rathbun
Biology and Chemistry Majors
Virginia/Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Sarah Ullah with Aisha Ullah
Biology Major
Chemistry and Math Minors
West Virginia University Medical School

Aisha Ullah 

Salisbury Students in Towson, Essex PA Program

  • Edward Mikula, Jr., Biology Major, Chemistry Minor
  • Kara Muffoletto, Biology Major, Chemistry Minor
  • Laurel Steen, Biology Major
  • Kerin Hamilton, Biology Major with a focus in Secondary Education, Health Minor
  • Steve Griffin, Respiratory Therapist Major