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Podiatric Medicine Preparation

Alicia Canzanese
Alicia Canzanese
Athletic Training Major
Temple University
School of Podiatric Medicine

A Doctor of Podiatric Medicine specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of foot disorders that result from disease or injury. Students, interested in other health careers such as medical doctors and physical therapists, often find that podiatric medicine is a great fit for them. It combines many of the elements of medicine with orthopedic studies that physical therapists would find familiar. Podiatrists have independent practices just as other doctors do, but often have lifestyles that are less disrupted with off-hour calls. Further, students interested in surgery should know that podiatrists can also do foot surgery. Podiatry requires a unique combination of knowledge and skills that many students interested in health care might generally find appealing. Applications for admission to podiatric schools are often in the same time frame as other post-graduate health schools, so students may want to consider applying to more than one profession.

Preparation for podiatric medicine requires that, at a minimum, three years or 90 semester hours of college credit be completed at an accredited institution. Most students, entering a college of podiatric medicine (> 95%), have a bachelor’s degree.

You can choose any undergraduate major, provided that you include the required Podiatric Medicine prerequisites in your course of study. You must do very well academically in the area of study that you choose and also in all prerequisite courses. Most Podiatric Medical Schools require the MCAT. Because this requirement does vary, it is important to check the individual school websites.

Students should note that the last administration of the "old" MCAT exam will be January 2015 and that the "new" MCAT will start being administered in January 2015. Most medical schools will continue to accept old MCAT scores for approximately the next three years, but it is crucial that students check with their target schools and not make any assumptions. Students preparing for the new MCAT exam should note that a significant portion of the exam is now psychosocial knowledge and that not all of the material will be covered in basic courses such as PSYC 101 and SOCI 101/201. Students should consider additional psychosocial courses and/or study supplemental material for this portion of the new MCAT.

Podiatry School applications will require a letter of recommendation from the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) at Salisbury University. In order to be eligible for this committee letter, you must file an interview application to HPAC by March 15, the semester before you plan to apply to podiatry school.

Minimum Required Courses at Almost All Schools

Inorganic Chemistry (1 year with Lab)
CHEM 121, 122

Organic Chemistry (1 year with Lab)
CHEM 221,222

Physics (1 year with Lab)
PHYS 121,123

Biology (1 year with Lab)
BIOL 210, 213

MATH 155

For programs that require calculus, general recommendations are:
MATH 198- Biology majors
MATH 201- Chemistry majors
MATH 160- Other majors
Consult your major advisor, checklist, and/or HPAP advisor for additional information on math choices.

Strongly Recommended Courses for MCAT Preparation and/or Certain Select Schools

Biochemistry (1 semester with Lab)
CHEM 417

Anatomy and Physiology (1 year with Lab)
BIOL 215, 216

Cell Biology (1 semester with Lab)
BIOL 350

Genetics (1 semester with Lab)
BIOL 360 or 370

Introductory Psychology (1 semester)
PSYC 101

Introductory Sociology (1 semester)
SOCI 101 or 201

It is always recommended that students understand the clinical role of the Podiatrist. To do this, volunteering or shadowing is strongly suggested.

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