Richard A. Henson School of Science & Technology

Physical Therapy Preparation

Preparation for physical therapy requires, first and foremost, that certain pre-requisite courses be completed. In addition, some programs require the Graduate Record Examination for admission (GRE). It is important to check the programs’ individual website to determine if the GRE is required.

You can choose any undergraduate major, provided that you include the required Physical therapy school prerequisite classes in your course of study. Students at Salisbury University frequently major in Biology or Exercise Science. You must do very well academically in the area of study that you choose and also in all prerequisite courses. Requirements may vary by school, but the following courses are generally required:

Inorganic Chemistry (1 year with Lab)
CHEM 121, 122

Physics (1year with Lab)
PHYS 121, 123

BIOL 101 or 210

Anatomy and Physiology I and II
BIOL 215 &216

BIOL 211

College Algebra
MATH 135 or 140

MATH 155

General and Developmental Psychology
PSYC 101, 300

**Most schools require experience in the
physical therapy environment**

Sam Singleton Stephanie Pollitt

Sam Singleton
UMES School of Physical Therapy

Stephanie Pollitt
UMES School of Physcial Therapy