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Orthotics and Prosthetics Preparation Preparation

Beginning in January 2013, a master’s degree education is required to evaluate patients for artificial prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices such as braces and then fabricate and fit those devices. Accredited programs can be found at this site, National certification to practice is required (

A bachelor’s degree or at least 90 credits earned is required to enter graduate programs. Some programs require the GRE exam. No particular degree is required, but pre-requisites are a blend of science, medicine and psychology. You should select a major that would be a good career for you if you decide against orthotics and prosthetics as a career or if you are unable to obtain admission into a program. Within your degree, you must include the required prerequisite classes in your selected major and do very well academically. Requirements vary by program, so it is important to consult the requirements at the accredited programs listed on the website above. However, the following courses are generally required:

Biology (at least 1 course with a lab)*
BIOL 101 or 210

Chemistry (at least 1 course with a lab)*
CHEM 121

Physics (at least 1 course with a lab)*
PSYS 121

Human Anatomy and Physiology (2 courses with labs)
BIOL 215/216

General Psychology
PSYC 101

Developmental and/or Abnormal Psychology**
PSYC 300 and/or 302

College Algebra with Trigonometry
MATH 140


* Some programs require a full year of biology, physics and chemistry.
**Some programs only require one and some require both

Katlin Kundratic
Katlin Kundratic
Biology major
Exercise minor
Master's Program
Prosthetics and Orthotics
Baylor College of Medicine


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