Health Professions Advisory Program (HPAP)


    Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Henson School of Science and Technology’s Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) is composed of faculty members from several disciplines within the school. The committees charge is to advise students in regard to preparation for a variety of health professions. The committee provides mock interviews to students entering professions for which a committee letter is required for admission. This letter is typically required for students who are candidates for medical, dental and veterinary schools.  For other professions, the HPAC members assist in providing mock interviews within the context of health professions interviewing workshops sponsored by the HPAP and Career Services.


 For the 2013- 2014 academic year, the HPAC members are:

Diane Davis, Ph.D., MLS, SC, SLS (ASCP)CM
Health Professions Advising Program Director
Department of Health Sciences

 Marylane McGlinchey, SM (ASCP), M.Ed
Health Professions Advising Program Consultant

Elizabeth Emmert , Ph.D.
Department of Biology

Mark Frana , Ph.D.
Department of Biology

Stephen Gehnrich , Ph.D.
Department of Biology

Randy Insley , Ph.D. , RRT
Department of Health Sciences

 Robert Joyner, Ph.D., RRT, FAARC
Department of Health Sciences

Ellen Lawler, Ph.D.
Department of Biology

 Tina Brown-Reid, EdD, RN
Department of Nursing

 Katherine Miller, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry

   Alison Dewald, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry

   Jeffrey Emmert, Ph.D.
Department of Physics