Richard A. Henson School of Science & Technology
Holloway Hall

A Commitment to Educational Excellence

Students in a Lab"The mission of the Richard A. Henson School of Science and Technology is to provide a state-of-the-art scientific and health related community where experienced faculty work closely with students in the pursuit of knowledge.  In the Henson School, both students and faculty engage in a partnership for learning with a focus on ensuring career success."

Thomas W. Jones, 
Provost, Professor of Biological Sciences

A Commitment to Educational Excellence

Highly motivated students, fully equipped science and computing facilities, and knowledgeable, caring faculty committed to education excellence--these are the elements that make the Henson School unique. The Henson School of Science and Technology provides students with important skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Producing strong graduates well-educated in science, mathematics, the health professions, or computer science is the focus of the Henson School.

Majors in the Henson School are encouraged to engage in independent research projects. The Henson School founded an undergraduate research symposium in the early 1990's which became the model for the entire campus. Moreover, each year, the Henson School sends students who produce outstanding research to the National Conference for Undergraduate Research.

Students in the Henson School work closely with their faculty advisors on curriculum, program planning, and career development. In addition to traditional majors, our students can select from a variety of interdisciplinary, dual-degree and pre-professional programs.

Producing well-educated majors is only part of the mission of the Henson School. The School's faculty are deeply committed to helping all students become well-informed productive citizens in our scientific, technology based society. Students learn through innovative courses and labs that support the University's General Education mission.

Student-Centered Learning and Dedicated Faculty: What Students Say

“SU physics prepared me for my career in electronics by providing hands-on instruction in a fun atmosphere.  The professors are down to earth people with top-notch expertise in their fields.”  - Jessica (Thompson) McCarthy, NASA Electrical Engineer

“SU physics provide me with the necessary skills to enter into and contribute to a successful cancer treatment group.” – Douglas Vile, Medical Research Assistant

“During my years at Salisbury University, I not only found a direction for my life (medicine), but gained the skills… and abilities to access the field, all while being part of a growing, caring community of students and faculty.”  - Gwynne Harper, Class of 2005

“Research has been an important part of life at SU.  I helped Dr. Hunter set up a field DNA lab in a cloud forest in Honduras and presented the results at National meetings.  Thank you to SU faculty for my research experiences.”  - Emily Burnett, Class of 2008

“My education along with my experiences at SU enabled me to acquire a position at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in the Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program and the Employee Fitness Plus Program.  Through these experiences I am able to follow my passion as career, not just as a personal interest.”  - Carol Franz (Applied Health Physiology – employed as a wellness/fitness specialist at PRMC in Salisbury, MD)

“Respiratory therapy is the most rewarding and life-changing program with a challenging, hands-on curriculum and exceptional faculty.”  - Allie Ziegler (Respiratory Therapy)

"SU nursing has given me the tools and stepping stones I need to build a successful career in nursing, and I can always look back and remember where I began and be thankful.”  - Kelsey Flagg, Class of 2009

“The Nurse Extern Program allowed me to bridge the gap between student and professional.  Working full time in a healthcare environment allowed me to apply what I learned in the classroom to real-life experiences.”  - Aaron Sebach, RN, Class of 2008

“The SU nursing faculty don’t just produce task-oriented nurses, they are masters at developing the critical thinkers of science with the art of compassion!” – Chris DiPasqua, RN, Class of 2007

“I chose SU’s graduate program for its quality education at a reasonable cost, all of the latest equipment it offers – including “SimMan” – that provides unique and realistic learning experiences, and the close personal attention that encourages classmates and peers to work together.” – Angela Simmons, RN, Class of 2009

“The knowledge and skills I received from SU physics opened unbounded possibilities, landing me a world-traveling position at NASA and preparing me for a master’s degree.
 - Sebastian Stewart, NASA Instrument Engineer

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