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Printing Services

Printing Services Topics

Salisbury University offers many options for printing on campus for faculty, staff and students.

Information Technology encourages everyone to do your part to reduce printing and paper waste.

Student Printing Services

Printing In IT Computer Labs

Each of our IT computer labs have access to a black and white laser printer within the lab itself. Faculty, staff and students have a print queue of 300 pages per week, which resets every Sunday. Unfortunately, specialty paper stock, such as resume paper, is not compatible with lab printers.

Black and White

For black and white printing, you will want to print to the printer located within your IT Computer Lab. Once you print your document, you will need to release your document from the GoPrint station, located near the printer. The printers are named by the room number of the lab location.

IT Lab Location Printer Name
Fulton Hall 145 go_fh145
Fulton Hall 142 go_fh142
Devilbiss Hall 205 go_dh205
Perdue Hall 248 go_ph248
Perdue Hall 141 go_ph141
TETC 116B go_te116b
TETC 116A go_te116a
TETC 110B go_TE110b
TETC 110A go_TE110A
TETC 280A go_te280A
TETC 351 go_te351
TETC 352 go_te352
Academic Commons 1st Floor go_acfloor1
Academic Commons 2nd Floor go_acfloor2
Academic Commons 3rd Floor go_acfloor3

IT provides access to color printing in both the Fulton Hall and TETC labs. Color printing costs 50 cents per page and is deducted from your Gull Card. You must have funds available on your Gull Card in order to print; we are unable to accept cash. You may put funds on your Gull Card at There is also color printing available in the Academic Commons at the Library Circulation Desk.

To print, select the appropriate color printer, and then print the document. Then, go to the GoPrint station located near the printer (for the TETC color printer, the GoPrint station is located in the Help Desk). Select your print, and then swipe your Gull Card to pay for your prints and release the job to the printer. 

IT Lab Location Printer Name
TETC 110A, TETC 110B, TETC 116A and TETC 116B go_te116a_color
TETC 351 go_te351_color
Fulton Hall 142 and Fulton Hall 145 go_fh142_color
Academic Commons Library Circulation Desk go_ac146_color

Note, to reduce print times and avoid print errors, it may be beneficial to print PDFs and PowerPoint slides as grayscale (black and white) rather than in color.

Color Printing

Color printing is available PH 141 and in the TE 110 and TE 116 labs. The cost is 50 cents per page (letter-size or tabloid-size). You must have money on your GullCard in order to pay for your printouts. Custom paper is not permitted for use in these printers.

Note, to reduce print times and avoid print errors, it may be beneficial to print PDFs and PowerPoint slides as grayscale (black and white) rather than in color.

Résumé Printing

Students wishing to print out résumés or other printouts on colored paper, résumé or cardstock can do so using the Résumé Printing Station located in the Perdue Hall 141 IT Computer Lab. Instructions are located at the printer. This station is for use with plain or colored paper, pre-printed letterhead, résumé or cardstock laser paper only. Please do not use paper made specifically for inkjets or place labels in this printer.

Personal Printers (Residence Hall Students)

Students do not need to bring a personal printer to campus, as we do have printers available to them through the labs and the library. However, if you wish to bring a personal printer with you to your residence hall room, it must be attached directly to your computer. Wireless printers and networked printers do not work with SU's residence hall network.

Faculty and Staff Printing Services

Departmental Printing - Canon Printers

Faculty and staff can print through departmental printers located in a central area in their department. 

Support for Canon Printers

Poster Printing

Faculty who are presenting a poster for a conference or for academic purposes can do so using the large format printer in the Faculty Development Studio in AC 221. For more information on Faculty Poster Presentations, please visit the Instructional Design and Delivery's Faculty Poster Presentation page.

Other Print Services

Salisbury University offers professional printing and copying services through both the Copy Center and the Publications office. The Copy Center is located in HH 054 and can be reached at 410-543-6180. Publications is located in Holloway Hall and can be reached at 410-548-2500.

Responsible Printing

Salisbury University would like to encourage its students, faculty and staff to help with our efforts to minimize paper waste. We don't want people to stop printing, but we would like to try to minimize the amount that we do print.

In the 2013-2014 academic school year, SU students printed out 6,000,000 pages in our IT computer labs and the Blackwell library. Stacked, that pile of paper would reach 2100 feet high (taller than the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument combined!) and weighs over 30 tons. And a good deal of that paper is never used: either printed as multiple copies, never read, draft copies or are "extra pages," pages that were printed unintentionally.

How much paper do we use?

Source: SU Students: Think Before You Print!

There are some small steps you can take to make a big difference in reducing printing waste. Here are some examples:

  • Print double-sided when possible. All of our IT labs are set up to print double-sided by default.
  • Print multiple slides on a single page in PowerPoint for both Mac and Windows.
  • Reduce your margins and font-size.
  • Use Print Preview and only print the pages you need, rather than printing the entire document or web page. Don't print out whole eBooks!
  • Proofread and spell-check before you print to minimize the number of times you have to print a document.
  • Do I really need to print this? In most cases, you can view, edit, even collaborate on documents online without having to print.
  • Minimize your printouts. Print only once and print only one copy.
  • Use PDFs to create electronic documents that can be viewed and read on multiple platforms.
  • Instead of printing a copy to take with you, email a copy to yourself, use a USB memory stick, or online cloud storage instead.
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