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Client Support Services

Client Support Services

TE 110B

 TE 110B

Located in the Teacher Education and Technology Center building, the TE 110B lab is a 30 seat dual-use Windows lab. The lab contains 30 workstations, one teacher's workstation,  a black and white laser printer and an overhead projector.

While considered an individual room for reservation purposes, this lab and TE 110A can be combined into one large 60 seat Windows lab by removing the partition.

Lab Hours: See the Lab Hours Page.

This lab is a dual-use lab, meaning that it is used both as an open lab and an instructional lab. During the semester, classes are scheduled primarily in this lab, primarily Monday through Thursday 8AM to 9PM and Friday 8AM to 5PM. When no events or classes are scheduled, this lab is open for student use during normal business hours.

To reserve this lab or any other lab, please visit our lab reservations page.

Note that if you wish to reserve the entire TE 110 lab (TE 110A and TE 110B) that both labs must be reserved individually.


These computers are loaded with the standard lab computer software.For details on what software is located in each of our computer labs on campus. as well as information on how to request software be installed in our labs for future semesters, check the Lab Software page.

Note that specialized software installed in TE 110B (if listed) may not be present in TE 110A and vice versa. Please keep this in mind when reserving or using the full TE 110 lab.

Breakout Room

This room is associated with the TE 109 Breakout Room. The computer in that room has the same software configuration as this lab. For more information, see the Breakout Room page.