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Client Support Services

Client Support Services

Non-IT Computer Labs

Not all labs on campus are run or maintained by Information Technology. Other departments have their own labs for specific purposes for use for their school or department.

The use of these labs are dictated by the individual department. Where possible, we have attempted to list the department or contact to use for inquiry as to their availability on the individual lab pages.. Faculty and staff wishing to reserve an IT lab should visit the Lab Reservation Information page.

Below are a list of known non-IT labs, broken down in sections. Department Scheduled is for labs which a particular department is in control of scheduling, but IT maintains, meaning issues with the computers or technical equipment should be reported to IT, all other questions refer to the controlling Department. Department Scheduled and Maintained, as the title suggests, is for labs in which the department in charge both schedules and maintains the labs; any lab issues should be reported directly to the controlling department itself.

Department Scheduled

Department Scheduled and Maintained

Other Computer Areas

Software and Hardware

Generally speaking, lab computers tend to have the same base image as listed on the Lab Configuration and Software Availability Page. However, Departmental labs may have specialized software and hardware unique to their purpose. When possible, we've listed those on the individual lab pages, but since they are not IT labs, the listings of these items on those pages may not reflect the current offerings. Inquiries about the software or hardware located in these labs should be referred to their controlling department.