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IT Help Desk/Technology Support
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Work for Information Technology!

Information Technology hires students throughout the semester to work in our Information Technology Computer Labs and at the Information Technology Help Desk in TE 113. We have opportunities available for IT Student Lab Attendants. Internal candidates can strive to become IT Student Support Representatives, our highest level of student worker and one with the most responsibility and reward.

Student Application

Please fill out the application below to apply for one of our student worker positions.

Mom maiden name

What position are you applying for?


SU Email:

EMPLID (Gull Card #):

Address (Line 1):

Address (Line 2):




Phone Number:

Cell Number:


Class Level (Sophomore, etc.):

Expected Graduation:

Cumulative GPA:



How many hours are you interested in working per week?

What is the minimum number of hours you would like to receive per week?

Every employee is required to be available for at least one 7:45am opening shift and at least one closing shift that ends at midnight. Will this be a problem? Please explain.

Will this job be your only source of employment?

If no, please describe your other job. If your second job is also on campus, please provide the Department you will be working for (for payroll purposes).

Software Knowledge and Skills

Describe your experience with the Microsoft Office Suite

Any other software knowledge or skills you would like to tell us about: Describe your experience with Microsoft Outlook or other e-mail clients:

Name a software package that we use in our I.T. Computer labs that you are most proficient in and explain why:

Describe your experience with and/or interest in Web Development and Databases/Programming Languages (specifically HTML, ASP and MS Access):

What experience do you have with MyClasses?

List all operating systems that you are familiar with and describe your level of proficiency in each:

Any other software knowledge or skills you would like to tell us about:

Why do you want this job?

Tell us why hiring you would improve the I.T. Labs? What specific things would you do to help users get the most out of the I.T. Labs?

Do you own a computer?

If you answered yes to owning a computer, what make and model is it?

If you answered yes to owning a computer, what software do you use on it ?


Do you currently work on SU's campus or have you in the past? If so, please tell us the Dept., Supervisor's name, your job title and your duties below.

If applicable, please list up to 3 faculty or staff members that you would like to use as a reference, with their contact information.

Do you know any students who currently work for the I.T. Help Desk and would like to use them as a reference? If so, please list their names below:

Please use this space to link us to a letter of recommendation if you have one available.

Please use this space to link us to a resume if you have one available.


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