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Student Health Services

Smoking Cessation Program

Welcome to Student Health Services' Smoking Cessation Program! We are here to assist you in your goal to be tobacco free!

Who is Eligible?

Any SU student who desires to reduce the amount that they smoke or use smokeless tobacco, or is motivated enough to quit completely. It doesn't matter if you live on or off campus, or if you are full or part time. We take everybody who wants to quit!

Program Description

Services available include:

  • Medical assessment for nicotine replacement aids
  • Nicotine replacement including gum, or the patch or prescriptions for oral medication (Zyban)
  • Support program that will help you set a QUIT date
  • Identify your smoking triggers, and help you develop strategies for reducing the amount and frequency with which you smoke and/or maintaining non-smoking behaviors.

How the program works:

Step One: Make an appointment with a healthcare provider in Student Health. They will check you out medically, educate you about nicotine replacement, and help you decide which nicotine replacement aid may be best for you.

Step Two: Your SHS healthcare provider will connect you to the smoking cessation support program. This voluntary program will put you in touch with peers who support your endeavor and help you identify and maintain non-smoking strategies. The support program is designed so that you can attend as little as one session and as many as twelve. We want you to be successful! Research shows that students engaged in a support program are far more successful than those who try to do it on their own!

Step Three: If you desire, additional support and hypnosis/relaxation skills are available through Student Counseling Services. We can provide a referral for these services if you feel they may be helpful. Many people have found that hypnosis or relaxation skills help them reduce their craving for nicotine. Usually one session with a counselor where a tape that you can use at home is developed, is all it takes!

Program Cost:

There is a $10.00 patient visit fee for your first appointment. The nicotine replacement aids and support program are free.

For more information on smoking cessation see Smoking Reduction Tips.

Call Student Health Services at 410-543-6262 to set up an appointment.

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