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The first step in entering a PO – is to see if the Vendor is on File with the “SUFND” Business Unit.  You can check this by the following:

Vendor Setup/Maintenance
Vendor Information

You can do a blanket search to see the entire listing – or I recommend that you enter the first couple letters of the vendor name (last name if an individual) in the Name 1: field and hit the magnifying glass beside it to see a listing of all vendors with those letters.

If the vendor is there – you can select the vendor and view any of the address information to ensure accuracy.

If the vendor is not there – you will need to submit the following information (via email) to the Foundation Accounting Office (Rhonda Livingston and Melanie Pepper) as soon as possible:

At a MINIMUM – We MUST have the following information :


            Remittance Address


PeopleSoft to save a vendor!!)

            Telephone Number

If you would like us to enter any of the following (not required):


 Contact information (persons name, address, telephone, email, etc)

 Additional addresses – for PO ordering, locations, etc.


This will be a tedious process in the beginning.  All vendors need to go through this initial setup process.  You can not enter a Purchase Order without having given us the information to set up the vendor in PeopleSoft.  They will not show up on the drop down list of vendors to select until we have entered them.  This will be a priority in the Foundation Accounting Office to set these up as soon as possible to not delay your ability to enter the PO.

If you have a list of certain vendors that you know you will be using this year, you can also submit the information to us right away – so they will be ready for you when you need to enter a PO.

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