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Printing an Approved Purchase Order


Budget administrators/buyers will need to print the following copies of the PO:

If one is needed to send to the vendor (Single PO print)

If one is needed for individual filing purposes within your department (In House

     PO Print)

If the PO is for items that will be received by Central Receiving – you must send

            a copy of the Single PO to them through Campus Mail (this is subject to

change in the future)


The Foundation Accounting Department will print a copy of each PO to attach to the invoice and check stub for audit purposes. 

If the Department receives the invoice, they will need to send the invoice to Foundation Accounting ASAP

Once you have “Dispatched PO” from the instructions above, you can then follow the steps to printing an approved PO.

Reporting Tools

Report Manager

Administration (Folder Tab)

Select appropriate line and click on view

            In house PO – displays account information and authorizations (this should be the

                one to print for your records if you decide to do so)

            Single PO – Vendor’s copy without account information

You will then see an option to select one of the following choices:

Click on POPO005 of SUPO003 (whichever one you are printing)

Print PO

SUPO003 – In house Accounting PO (note the accounting distribution detail and the approvals at the bottom of this PO)

POP0005 – Vendor Copy PO (probably requires a signature if you need to send a copy to a vendor)

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