When department or project users create a purchase requisition, they usually determine a vendor.† The user should use the Vendor Inquiry to determine if the vendor exists.† If the vendor does not exist, the user should obtain the Federal Tax ID number from the vendor, since that ID number becomes the Vendor ID number when the vendor is created by Accounts Payable.


Vendors ŗ Vendor Setup/Maintenance ŗ Vendor Information

Complete any of the shaded search criteria above and select† .† (The Tax ID represents the Federal Tax ID for vendors or SSNís for individuals.)

The following page appears:


†displays address information.†

†displays all vendor locations (e.g., remit to, shipping).

†displays contact information.

Additional ID Numbers displays other vendor numbers.

Duplicate Invoice Settings displays criteria for identifying duplicate invoices.†

Government Classifications displays Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status.

Std Industry Codes displays vendor type according to industry standards.



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