Query is a tool that enables users to extract information from the PeopleSoft database based on criteria defined by the user. Query Viewer allows users to review and/or print queries.

Writing queries requires training and experience. If queries are inefficiently written, they could slow down the entire system. Initially, the ability to create queries will reside with specific users in Financial Services.

If end users need certain information that they are not getting from current reports, it may be possible that a specialized query could help. Please notify Tony Pasquariello in Financial Services (x36028) for University queries and Rhonda Livingston in SUF Accounting (x36392) for Foundation queries. Query writing may be rolled out to some end users. Until that occurs, end users will have access to Query Viewer.


Reporting Tools Query Query Viewer

Enter search criteria (e.g., SU), select and a list of all queries meeting that search criteria appears.

Select a particular query and a preview of the current results appears.



The Query can be rerun or downloaded to Excel using the above links. Because some queries may take a long time to run (which could affect system performance), these queries may have to be scheduled to run off-hours.



Reporting Tools Query Schedule Query


Add a Run Control ID. It could be generic (as shown above) or specific to that particular query.

Select .

The following page appears:



Complete the Server Name (PSNT), a Run Date and Run Time (sometime during non-business hours). Select a Recurrence option from the dropdown () if you need to run the report on a regular basis (e.g., daily).

Select .

The process has now been scheduled and can be checked through the Process Monitor and the output can be viewed using the Report Manager.




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