The user can choose to personalize the PeopleSoft experience primarily through navigation adjustments.


General Options allows the user to establish accessibility and language options.

Internal & Regional Settings allows the user to set time and date formats.

System & Application Messages allows the user to establish a “save warning” protocol.

Note: The user may wish to leave the system defaults as is for the above three.  Please do not change the Save Warning default under System & Application Messages

Navigation Personalizations allows the user to more efficiently navigate through PeopleSoft pages.  Users will likely want to change the default settings.

Select Navigation Personalizations and the following page appears.



Automatic Menu Collapse is used to automatically minimize the vertical menu (on the left) once an option is selected on the menu.  Select  and change the default value to Yes.

All of the Tab Over… options allow the user to skip over various icons when using the Tab key.  This is most beneficial for users who will be doing data entry.  However, Inquiry users will also benefit. 





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