As users run processes, they can be monitored using the Process Monitor.  Usually, the user will access the Process Monitor on the link that is present as processes are run.  The user can also access the Process Monitor through the following navigation.


PeopleTools à Process Scheduler à Process Monitor

The following page appears:

Different criteria (e.g., Run Status, Time, etc.) can be entered to broaden or narrow the search for a particular process.                                        Select  and all processes meeting the criteria will appear.  update the job status.  Note that “Success” only means that the process ran successfully; it does not mean necessarily that the process output is correct.

Select the Details link for a particular process.

The following page appears:


If a report was generated from the process, then it can be found by selecting the View Log/Trace link. 

The Message Log link provides job information identifying the processes run and whether such processes were successfully completed.  An example of such follows:


The following page appears:


If applicable, select the report link above and the report will open. 

The report can also be viewed using the Report Manager.



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